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 24/Jan - Sundance Exclusives from Larry Richman
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"I hate them so much... Arrgh" "calm down man آپ cant do any thing about it" "whatever آپ know im not like the rest of you".

lost? thought آپ might be. see i am a diferent Werrewolf... im half vampire too... its so horrible fighting for آپ life. no wonder i the only one alive. The cool thing is i dont have to take ordes. we think its because im not full werewolf. so id be alpha of my own pack. oh i guess people who think they saw a blood red برداشت, ریچھ run through the woods... well they're not crazy... thats me. red im red oh yeah some think its funny they say things like"You Over Sized Elmo"....
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i hope Vampires really do exist, if they do, then i wish I'm in love with one who's deeply in love with me..

one who'd be fascinated to watch me sleeping,

one who doesn't have the courage to stay away from me anymore..

one who would risk everything just to make me محفوظ again..

and lastly

One who would save me not because I'm his prey..

but because I'm his life..

( i wish!
i hope آپ like it. :)
im dreaming again.

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The Reverse Chronicles
A Hero’s Return

Reverse Introduction: Authors Note
This is the first book in the new series of کتابیں called The Reverse Chronicles it features Sam Devine who we last saw dead in The Chronicles of Sam Devine: The Twilight Legend. After that Becky became the new leader of the newly formed Sam Alliance and lived on a happy life, fighting for justice for Sam’s death. She was helped سے طرف کی the guardians and they all lived a very happy life.
Now Sam is back with new friends, one we have already met at the end of The Twilight Legend, Polaris the life guardian who is escorting him...
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