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''edward where are we going?'' آپ asked feeling nerves overcome you.''it's not important right now''he whispered trying to keep controll.''why are آپ so mad?''you asked you've never seen him ike this beffore.''i just can't stand it when someone makes آپ angry...i'm going to kill mike newton!''he shouted increasing his speed limit. ''why did آپ fight you've always been in controll untill آپ lost it today why?''you asked him.''like i کہا i can't stand it when someone makes آپ angry and when they try to flirt with you...i was reading his thoughts i knew what he wanted i knew what he felt...
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OK, this مضمون is going to be in the point of view of many different characters. Before it begins in their point of view it will have their names.
Edward wasn't a school today, too sunny, I'm guessing. The Cullens are probably out hunting. Charlie had کہا that where the Cullens "hike" is filled with bears. I'm pretty sure that they are hunting somewhere else today, so I would like to see how it looks up there. I pulled on some hiking boots and got in my truck.
Eventually I reached the place. I was standing on the side of a small cliff. I found a few برداشت, ریچھ prints, and started to wander...
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posted by karpach_13
Chapter 24
thanks for all the reasons why I should keep on writing, but when my mom read them she کہا I made آپ guys write that so she doesn’t believe me and I don’t know nay other way to make her change her mind. Can آپ guys help me plz?

jake sat سے طرف کی me and held my hand. Not like a friend, but maybe more. What am I thinking, I just broke up. This is insane. My life is like being written, everything is changed all the time, first آپ think something is going to last, and then it changes its weird, but I cant change it. یا can i?
“ness آپ act like It was just a joke” my mother...
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my mind worled jacob my jacob was alive. so the dreams i was having wernt just me beeing crazy they were him. warning me.
which ment he still loved me.
"excuse me" i got up before anyone could ask me queastions.
i ran ran straight sourth till i hit them smell that told me i was in werewolf teritorie and stopped dead on the line i just hit and waited. they would have to be here soon.
then smell got stronger and closer. they were getting close i pepared myself . sam would want to kill me paul i dont know what would happen i just had to tell them he was alive but not how they knew it.
they were...
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posted by bellabrowneyes
According to HitFix, Academy Award winner Bill Condon will direct Breaking Dawn!

As reported earlier, Summit Entertainment has found its اگلے “Twilight” filmmaker and now formally locked up Oscar-winner Bill Condon to direct “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.” While none of the stars have signed deals yet, the entire cast including Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are expected to return. This is possibly one reason the studio has not confirmed whether, as rumored, there will be one یا two “Breaking Dawn” films.

“I’m very excited to get the chance to bring the...
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posted by _madz_
pretty much a random New Moon one shot as the عنوان suggests. set after Bella becomes دوستوں with Jake but before the bikes are finished.
the italic bits are lines from a play done at the 2009 Tony awards about a depressed woman. i thought it was appropriate. if they sound farmiliar, it's because they have been used on this site previously in a House fanfic.
hope آپ enjoy, feel free to تبصرہ :)

Another day. Without thinking I look towards my window, always unlocked but never opened.
I curled tighter into myself. This wasn’t the way to start my day.
Do آپ wake up in the morning and need...
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posted by stepphy-rox
Chapter 4: I Knew It Was To Good To Be True!!!
After I had a good chat to everyone, Bella called me over to her.
“Let’s go for a walk” she grabbed my hand gently and we walked outside to the edge of the little shimmering river near the border of the forest.
“How are you” she asked
“Great, how about you?”
“Good how is Renee I really miss her”
“Actually she is in Australia at the moment so I haven’t seen her since we moved.”
“Wow that’s amazing” she laughed.
“You and Edward are amazing. I hope me and my boyfriend have a good relationship.”
“You have a boyfriend! What’s...
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posted by Gabstaaa
It happens. There’s no avoiding it. When آپ can see the darkness coming, there’s nothing آپ can do rather than lie there helplessly, waiting. Waiting for the torment to end. Then finally, when آپ know it’s all over, there’s that one کرن, رے of hope willing to take your life back. So آپ reach out for it, not wanting to loose it. Lock it in a box and throw away the key.
“Charlie how long پہلے was it when آپ found her?”
That calm voice echoed around the large space in my empty head. The light was fading, seeping out the sides of the box that I locked it in. It was escaping fast and...
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