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 Breaking Dawn
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Chapter 1

Rose POV.

The story is set after two years of emmett's transformation.

i don't own emmett,rosalie,edward...or anyone else...Stephanie Meyer does :'( ....(waaaawaaaaa)

I knew it...that sick creature had some1 behind him. Royce was not the one who was after my life,it was all planned,those flowers,messages,kisses, OH that fake stupid love .He was not man enough to do that to me. He had done it for something and for someone . I was waiting for edward to come up because i knew he must have read my mind .After my transformation he was the one whom i had leaned on but in a bro -sis way,unlike...
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Okay... maybe I was going completely phscyo- loving, crap over Renesssme....... anyway, I found a true human girl...{okay I truly do know if she is a werewolf monster like me.. except I wouldnt call her a monster, perhaps a beautiful transforming warewolf babe..]as I would think she was.. I haven't knowned alot about her completely like everything... but a little chunk of information about her, like: she loves it when I tickle her back, she loves the tribal food that the pack and I make her...] stuff like that makes her go all up on me[kissing and all that.. well, آپ get what I'm trying to say} I find it very awsome when she does... she likes it when I let her sit on my lap, and drive my volkeswagon rabbit around the old dirt road. We've been a couple for over almost a year....
posted by groovychicklisa
Hello my lovleys!

Erm okay,some of آپ fanpop users may be aware of the fact that i had been writting a fanfic called LOST LOVE and a few months پہلے i stopped due to writters block however im back! (cue the applause! Lol) Just curious if i should continue to write this for my شائقین if i have any *hopes i do*

Here is a little taster from a chapter that is already on here - The first one give it a try and if آپ like it let me know wheter آپ want me to continue

Chapter 1
Cuddled up in my بستر I remember the better days when Edward and I could tell each other everything. But how could I tell him...
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posted by DarkStranger
Summary: Cullen leaves three days to hunt. سے طرف کی the way to Forks moved new guy – Stefan, who all this time supports the association to Bella. What happens when Edward comes back? And why Bella starts alienating Jacob?

First Chapter – Izabella

Three days without Cullen’s. Charlie pressingly demanded, as Cullen had to be hunted, they kindly agreed. Only I saw what the pain experienced Edward leaving me alone. Also I couldn’t see Jacob, he was angry on me.
I Slowly drive to school. The sun shone brightly from the clouds, rarity to Forks. I Breath in summer air ,looked into the blue sky and...
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