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 Kristen leaving Rob's hotel - Rob, one گھنٹہ after, in his hotel's patio
Kristen leaving Rob's hotel - Rob, one گھنٹہ after, in his hotel's patio
robert pattinson
kristen stewart
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Why was I smelling gasoline? Then James walked though the door. He was carring a dead animal. He threw it in the ground, he poored gasilone on it. Then he set it on fire.
"That's what will happen to آپ if آپ do mange to escape the electric bars. آپ see, I don't want to hurt you. Bella, Victoria was just a test to see if I could find someone that I loved مزید than her. And I was right." He chuckled. Then he left the room. Leaving the dead animal burning. It was a good thing that this room was made of concreat. 2 hours have passed. I took out my cell phone and dialed Edwards number.
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
LUST. . b y : B u f f y F a i t h f a n 1
"But not right now of course!" Ili went on. "Cause the game then wouldn't be fun. So, be ready! And sit back to watch the fireworks!" Ili کہا and ran into the woods, and disappeared out of our sight. I turned and noticed that everybody was scared as I was...but they tried to hide it. We all finishe preparing for this, and went back inside ready to make an ambush. Three things still crossed my mind.
1.) Will she know when we do the ambush?...
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posted by Rockgrl
"Beep,beep,beep," was all heard when I woke up. I can't stand alarm clocks, but since my mother and siblings refuse to wake me up in the morning because they're "allergic to sunlight" I have to use one. As I rolled over to turn my alarm off I heard a crinkling sound coming from underneath me, like the sound of paper being balled up. After my alarm was off and I was sitting up, I looked down, sure enough there was a note addressed to me that I had rolled onto. It was in my mother's handwriting, which only meant one thing, we were moving again.
I can't believe it, I thought we had finally found...
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posted by tigerlover656
There are people that پار, صلیب our lives
in tiny fractions of time,
in the briefest of encounters,
and yet they leave and incredible mark
in our hearts and in our minds forever.

"Each time a person stands up for an ideal, یا acts to improve the lot of others, یا strikes out against injustice, that person sends out a tiny ripple of ove and hope, and crossing each other fro a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppresion and resistance."

Now these poems were written سے طرف کی some one else, but deseved to be shared and they kind of have something in commen with the series.
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