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!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!! ONLY FOR ADULTS!!!!!!
Hello, friends. Thank آپ again for your تبصرے and support. Here is the اگلے chapter.

“Do آپ want to help me?”
“I’d better find some food for you,” I کہا in a quiet voice, and he gently unwound her arms. I heard her sighed as I moved to the kitchen.
I moved too fast for her to stop me and do something stupid again. I forced my mind to concentrate on preparing food for her. She was hungry. I stated this in my mind and moved all other thoughts out of my head. In 10 سیکنڈ I found myself preparing some omelet for her. As I always helped...
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When I woke up I went to the window and looked outside. It was کالے گھنے بادل, چھانا and windy. In other words it was a perfect day, and I wouldn’t have to go to school without Edward. He left and I was ready when he picked me up.

On our way to school I realized that I had never gotten an answer to my سوال last night. The one about whether Edward had rethought his carefully planned boundaries. But now wasn’t the best time. We were in the school parking lot. Edward opened my door and led me to my locker. The first گھنٹی, بیل rang.

“I guess I’ll see آپ later.” He کہا melancholy.

“Yep, see آپ in...
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BUT THEN I had to look away fromm the beautiful boy because the teacher was calling my name i was bearly avaible to answer him then from the corner of my eye i saw that the boy had also turn around.
my head was spinning i took deep breaths tryng but not suceeding to calm myself
who was that why he has to be so beautiful
finally the گھنٹی, بیل rang i get up wanting to run to the اگلے class but someone was infront of me well a bunch of boys not a single girl and in the bunch of boys the beautiful boy wasnt there...
after that class after class it was the same but i never had another class with the boy...
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THE LAST ONE :-) the picture آپ see, is the vacation house :D ENJOY AND PLEASE LEAVE تبصرہ FOR MY LAST STORY

Bella's pov

After we were done hunting, Edward grabbed my hand and dragged me to our home. I saw the suitcases unpacked and remember why they were packed in the first place.
Suddenly Edward grabbed them and start pulling everything of Mason out of the suitcases.
“What are آپ doing” I کہا totally surprised.
“I’m making our suitcases so we can leave” he کہا not looking at me but still busy making the suitcases ready.
“What, where are we going then” I کہا in a hurry.
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Edward comes into the house and says” What the hell is all my stuff doing in the garage?” Then i stood and looked Edward in the face and کہا “we have company who is living with us now. Don’t be rude come شامل میں us.” In my head i was thinking to him. ‘They just showed up and knew our names and everything about us. It was awkward at first and then i gave them a tour and Alice saw your room and wanted it. So I helped her with your stuff. Paybacks a pain in the butt, آپ shouldn’t have of been mean to me while i was being transformed. Oh yeah, I heard every word آپ کہا about me.’...
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Well, now I dislike him. After I finished Eclipse I hated him so much that words fail me. And such negative feelings are no good for the soul. And it’s always کہا that writing it down helps. And now that I have it written I may very well share it.

When I started to read Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse were already out and I knew that Jacob would somehow interfere with the relationship of Bella and Edward so I was slightly biased. To be honest I still am.

In the first book he annoyed me but he was just a pushy kid with a crush and an unforgiving father. I didn’t like him but I could see past...
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OK i told my دوستوں about how i گیا کیا پوسٹ my story on fanpop and she was writing one 2 so she wanted me to post her story 2. Her story is about vampires but different stroy so here it is........

Chapter 1:
I’m dancing in a big mansion with lots of light everywhere and I feel somebody’s hands around my waste while I’m dancing, but I can’t see anything since the light is blinding me. I can only touch, my hand is on his shoulder, he has some lend and muscular shoulders, I know he can’t be fat, so all I know he is skinny and muscular. His touch sends an ice cold feeling down my spine, his...
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