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The details are not yet clear but the Ex- wife of link سٹار, ستارہ Jon Cryer has been arrested on charges of criminal act of child abuse.

Sarah Trigger, a British-born actress who acted in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and an episode of CSI: Miami was married to Jon Cryer and were together from 1999 – 2004. They have an eight سال old son Charlie Austin Cryer. In 2004 they got divorced.

According to a spokesperson for the Hermosa ساحل سمندر, بیچ Police Department, after receiving a call from Trigger’s current husband (whom she married after divorcing Cryer and from whom she’s now separated) regarding...
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It has recently been announced that Miley Cyrus will be seen in a two-episode guest spot on the CBS hit comedy, Two & a Half Men.

Miley got her start with Disney’s Hannah Montana and moved on to a starring role in the blockbuster hit, The Last Song. So, to celebrate Miley’s TV homecoming, we’d like to dedicate this post to the awesome wishes she granted for two of our very special wish kids: Paige and Daymon.

In 2009, while still filming Hannah Montana, Miley granted a wish for Paige, a 12-year-old with cystic fibrosis. Paige was able to visit the set of the دکھائیں and even watch Miley...
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written سے طرف کی Connie Norberg

Charlie seems to be in love this time with Chelsea so he agrees to let
her set his brother, Alan on a blind double تاریخ with one of her very
good friends. Charlie shows concern for his brothers child-like
behavior and thinks it’s about time he engage in a relationship with a
woman now since he has been divorced for quite some time. So Charlie
informs his brother that he will be going on a blind date, to which
Alan reluctantly agrees. As they meet up with Chelsea and her friend at
the restaurant for dinner, they slowly begin to realize the shock about
to hit them:...
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12th episode of comedy show, Two and a Half Men, is named ‘Welcome to Alancrest’. The episode will be premiered on 3rd January. In this episode, Walden is the focus character, who is involved in every activity that takes place. Here, Alan invests all the money of Walden in the fashion line of Kate. His double takes a sudden turn due to this matter. Apart from these incidents, there are several of other situations, which will surely engage the viewers with the comedy delivered سے طرف کی the show. ‘Welcome to Alancrest’ is going to be a very nice episode of season 10. link to watch full episode.
posted by wahidullah
Hi , i am wahidullah from Afghanistan i recently bought (two and half men) eight seasons in dvds and i just loved it too much i am watching 5 to 7 episodes a night its wonderful my پسندیدہ character is ( charlie sheen ) as charlie harper he is the foundation of the دکھائیں a great actor and comedian and secondly my پسندیدہ is Alan , jake , rose they are also very good rose is very beautiful and cute but i hate Alan's wife Judith she is ugly and bad actress and now i heard that the creators fired charlie sheen i just don't believe it first i am gonna say to the creators thanks for creating such a good دکھائیں and secondly firing charlie sheen is a bad اقدام the دکھائیں will go down it will lose شائقین آپ have to bring charlie sheen back he is the reason of success of the دکھائیں please bring him back he is the reason i am watching the show.
thank آپ