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Texts are created for mass consumption سے طرف کی the producers, but the text and its ideas and storylines are disemminated, perceived and interpreted differently سے طرف کی us- the audience یا be it consumers. This leads us onto Stuart hall's encoding/decoding model.

For Hall, the encoding/decoding model is a concept he originally devised where he explains that through the transmission of ideas and messages in the texts, Hall proposed three ways of reading and decoding texts: dominant, negotiated and oppositional. The dominant reading is where the viewer takes away that meaning from the TV دکھائیں and accept...
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I wrote this a while پہلے and was thinking if anybody wanted to read it they could :)

Disclaimer: Totally one hundred percent NOT mine…never have been…sadly never will be.

A/N: Hope آپ all really enjoy this story. Sorry it’s so late coming but school has been crazy lately and I have been out of town anyway…I don’t know how it will end up yet, but I am thinking it will be Betty & Becks all the way…with Daniel friendship…kind of different for me but ارے its worth a try.

Two for the Price of One

Betty was sitting at her house on a Friday night watching ویژن ٹیلی and eating popcorn...
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Wilhemlmina has some of the best quotes ever!

Wilhelmina [to Bradford]: "I thought I smelled jewelry."

Fabia: "You must come to the ceremony. I won't be able to get married without my something old."
Wilhelmina: "Oh, with the veins in your legs, آپ already have your something blue."

Marc: Little glitch. Teeny, tiny, Cindy Crawford mole-sized problem. It looks like St. Patrick's Cathedral is already booked for June 16.
Wilhelmina: What?!
Marc: What do آپ get from St. Patrick's? Bad incense, and a bunch of guilty men in dresses.
Wilhelmina: Fabia?!...
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