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Wilhemlmina has some of the best quotes ever!

Wilhelmina [to Bradford]: "I thought I smelled jewelry."

Fabia: "You must come to the ceremony. I won't be able to get married without my something old."
Wilhelmina: "Oh, with the veins in your legs, آپ already have your something blue."

Marc: Little glitch. Teeny, tiny, Cindy Crawford mole-sized problem. It looks like St. Patrick's Cathedral is already booked for June 16.
Wilhelmina: What?!
Marc: What do آپ get from St. Patrick's? Bad incense, and a bunch of guilty men in dresses.
Wilhelmina: Fabia?!...
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*NB: For those of آپ who haven't seen the third season in its entirety, I would refrain from reading this, as it might contain potential spoilers- Waiching*[b]

[b](US DVD release date: 22 September 2009)

(UK DVD release date: 7 December 2009)

Season 3 Synopsis -'The fashionable world of Ugly Betty continues to evolve in the complete third season that takes Betty to another life change as she grows up, moves into Manhattan and embraces her independence.'

With Ugly Betty there appears to be a different theme occuring in each season. Season 1 was mainly about Betty and her friendships with Daniel,...
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As a ویژن ٹیلی show, Ugly Betty has been a worldwide success. From its original columbian telenovela: 'Betty Le Fea', the دکھائیں has spanned various international versions of this comedy. The most well known incarnation that is televised in the Western world is the US's Ugly Betty.

But what attracts viewers and شائقین especially to Ugly Betty per se isn't just the humour and the drama aspects of this series but the characters, storylines and situations.

These characters, storylines, situations all deal with and explore themes and concepts relating to culture and identity.

From Marc's sexuality...
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michael urie and becki newton interview jesse tyler ferguson aka dr farkus, who returns to the دکھائیں in episode 10 of season 4.
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