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Nemu grabbed her bag and
looked at her
mayuri..I'm ready for
battle"said nemu. Mayuri slapped
her and than said" آپ better be and
you better kill that quincy!" Nemu
rubs her cheek where she has been
slapped and said"yes, sir". Uryu was
coming back from school and walked
across the park when he saw
something pop up."what the?! It's
you! Vice captain Nemu.."said uryu."
yes, i'm sorry but under orders from
captain mayuri i must kill you" nemu
said as she threw a مککا, عجیب الخلقت at uryu
which he اقدام away from. uryu
grabbed her arm and wrapped his
arm around her waist. nemu didn't
move and said" please just...
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posted by rendel
 the quincy battling hollows
the quincy battling hollows
The Quincy are a line of spiritually aware human warriors. Originally a mixture of survivors of Hollow attacks and those who had lost loved ones to Hollows, the Quincy developed a variety of supernatural powers to hunt and kill Hollows before they attacked humans (and to destroy those who already had), including the ability to control Spiritual Energy. The Quincy are unique as far as races go in Bleach, because unlike the Hollow یا Shinigami, Quincy are still technically human and reside in the world of the living. The Quincy are nearly extinct due to extermination سے طرف کی the Shinigami about 200 years before the main Bleach storyline. At present, the only known living Quincy are Uryū Ishida and his father, Ryūken Ishida
 the quincy's true form
the quincy's true form