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Hey, guys! I'm sorry— I've been really busy lately. In fact, I just saw New Moon yesterday with nine others. :D It was good, better than the first movie, but it was slow and Kristen Stewart did not play Bella well. But other than that it was enjoyable, and not-so dissappointing. :D
lol Enough about Twilight, let's get to Avatar! :D The story is going to slow down a bit for the اگلے few chapters, but it isn't really boring at all, and right after those few chapters it's going to be quick from that point till the end. :D

Chapter 22 – House Plans

    Katara was horrified with...
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Chapter 31 – Gone

    That night Zuko told his grandmother and Ursa his plan. At first Ursa argued with his decision, claiming that he would be going back on his promise. Though when Zuko explained it مزید she understood, but she broke down in tears and gave her son a big hug. Zuko kissed her on the cheek and told her that he loved her, and did the same for Ta Min. He was going to miss them incredibly.
    After that he walked to Ta Min’s room, the old guestroom where he kept his things, and packed up everything he brought with him on the trip. He...
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I'm sorry if this might seem to be rushed, but this is how I picture everything happening!!!! :D comment, rate, fav blah blah blah (lol) and tell me what آپ think. :)

Chapter 19 – Ursa

    As soon as they were inside, Sokka slammed and locked the door fast. Inside, the house was pretty. Even though no lights were on and all the shades were pulled down, Zuko could still see the soft beige carpet, green planets in vases in corners, and comfy furniture. His mother must had it well off.
    “We have to تقسیم, الگ کریں up,” Sokka told them in a low voice, breaking...
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Personally, I enjoy this chapter. It's not full of action یا anything, but آپ get to know the characters more, plus there's a bit of comedy in this one as well. So enjoy! And, there's a little Spiderman three joke close to the end, so if آپ don't get it, it's okay. Just tell me and I'll explain. :]

Chapter 11- Ta Min

Zuko was shocked. What had happened with Katara and Toph? He asked Toph but she didn’t tell him. She told him that Katara could tell him herself. Zuko was tempted to go to Katara to talk. Though he heard sobbing coming from the room and assumed she wanted...
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Hello! Here's a little poem I wrote a couple of months ago! Tell me what آپ think. :)

“Moon To My Night”

آپ are the moon to my night
A bright shining star
Your brilliance is light
And beautiful آپ are

آپ are the sun to my day
Like a bird آپ fly
I cannot stay away
I wouldn’t even try

آپ are the warmth to my summer
A پھول that blossoms in the spring
My دل pounds like a drummer
When آپ start to sing

آپ are the first سٹار, ستارہ to my night’s eve
On my دل آپ leave a shining mark
From now on I will forever believe
That آپ will always light my dark
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Hey آپ guys! I'm so sorry that I haven' been on! Long story short, I got grounded for procastinating, and I had no computer. :( But, I'm back! And I'm going to be posting stuff again! Enjoy this chapter!!!! <33333

Chapter 36 – Reunited

    Katara attempted to open her eyes. Though it was very painful for they felt as though they were burning. She could barely sit up as she tried to glance around. What had just happened? She felt dead, but she knew she wasn’t. The agony she was feeling was too real to be false.
    When she put forth effort to sit...
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Thank آپ so much to xXJakeloverXx for reading, liking, and commenting on the last chapter! آپ go girl! lol
I typed up to Chapter thirty something of this story, so remember that whenever آپ need a new chapter یا simply can't wait, just holla at me and I'll post the اگلے chapter no problem!

Chapter 9 – The Strange Old Lady

Zuko watched Katara rest in her بستر with troubled eyes. He was سے طرف کی her bedside sitting on a سٹول with his head in his hands. He wondered if the reason why she panicked was because of the way he had looked at her. What she had کہا about his mother amazed him.
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Enjoy!!!! I think this is the اگلے chapter... lol. :) There's nothing much to this one.

Chapter 10 – Bad Anastasia

The اگلے day, she had to go to school early. Her mother worked as a T.A in the high school, and on that Friday morning she had to make breakfast for the other teachers assistants. Anastasia wanted to take advantage of being early to greet Daniel as he would walk by.
    So, in the nearly empty hallway, she put her backpack down and sat on the floor. She tried to relax, but somehow it was not possible. She was very nervous, but at the same time her attention...
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Okay, I have to say a few things first.
In this chapter and for a bunch مزید later on, there will be singing. Most of the songs are ones that I wrote, so that means you'll have to read the words and try to guess it's tune. I'll help آپ read it سے طرف کی stretching out the words that are long notes یا whatever. :] I might sing some of these songs with my دوستوں to help آپ guys get the tune, but آپ should be okay. :]
There is a tiny gross part in this chapter, but it should be alright. It isn't anything mature-disgusting, in fact it's immature lol. XD It should be okay.
The picture in the beginning...
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Thank آپ soooo much guys for loving the last one! :D
There isn't too much going on in this one, but آپ do get to know the characters مزید including Ta Min! Enjoy!

Chapter 17 – Ta Min’s True Story

    Oh gosh! Oh gosh! Oh gosh! Zuko thought frantically as he ran back to Mai. I kissed Katara. Katara!
    Zuko felt like dancing and singing his دل out, but he didn’t. It was wrong. Katara had a boyfriend, and he had a girlfriend. He betrayed Mai, and she betrayed Aang. At least they didn’t know about what just happened.
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Hey, guys!
So, WaterbenderTash guessed it! This story is an autobiography about me during the past few months. :D Everything آپ read is 100% true, and the dialogue is 99.9% correct! :D lol So, آپ might see this story a little bit differently from now on!
Well, I hope آپ enjoy this chapter! :D It gets a little personal, but not as personal as future chapters will be.

Chapter 4 – Just so Disappointed

A little over halfway through February, still nothing happened between her and Daniel. سے طرف کی that point, she thought that she had tried almost everything to somehow meet him. Her freshman friend,...
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WOW!!! آپ guys waited FOREVER for this one!!! :D :D :D So, this is PART 1 in the True دل epilogue. Part 2 is still not completed, but I promise آپ that the wait will not be as long. :)
Enjoy this please! And tell me what آپ think! :)


Part 1 – Katara

A سال and a half later…

Katara woke up one morning in a huge بستر in a grand suite, feeling the best she’s felt in all of her life. She was in the Royal Palace in silky pajamas covered in silky, red covers. The sun shone in from the large window on the دیوار to the right of her. She felt warm, comfortable, and loved. Last night Zuko...
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So, first a few things.
This is probably my پسندیدہ chapter in the whole story!!!! یا close to it!!! :D It's a great chapter, and I hope آپ guyes like it!
Another thing, is it okay if آپ guys rate and تبصرہ on my stories??? I'm a very modest and have low self-confidence, so would it be okay if آپ guys can rate and تبصرہ on anything آپ read on this spot? Thanks!!!! :D
So, enjoy!!!!!

Chapter 30 – Good Bye


    Katara was on the سوفی, لٹانا with Aang when Zuko ran into the house, soaking wet. Katara’s eyes went wide as she gasped. Aang’s face...
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Thank آپ to everyone who likes this story! آپ guys make it all worth it! :]

Chapter 15 – Mai

    There were a few people in the room besides them. In the room there was a few couches and comfy love seats. The floors were carpeted and the walls were painted a green color. Mai and the guy she was with before were sitting on one of the couches. His arm was stretched out behind Mai’s back resting on the couch. When he saw Zuko, he looked angry and walked up to him.
    “This is a room for employees only!” He bellowed.
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So this chapter is short, but it's kind of important. Thank آپ to whoever rated the last chapter five stars!

Chapter 12- The تاریخ

    Katara wiped her eyes, got out of بستر and ran into the bathroom fast, closing the door behind her. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked horrible. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were wet from crying. Not to mention her hair was fuzzy from being in bed. Katara grabbed her hairbrush and stroked her hair. She put that down and grabbed her wash cloth. She let water trickle on it and wiped her face. She looked better already....
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