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Reasons why I hate 'TORI VEGA'

just to make everything clear here, i don't hate victoria justice i just hate her character and this is just my opinions =)

let me start episode سے طرف کی episode .

- in this episode i hate it when she was rubbing the coffee off of beck's شرٹ, قمیض , cuz she was seriously flirting with beck , how did i say so? well she was smiling while looking directly at beck's eyes while she was rubbing his شرٹ, قمیض and the way she kisses beck infront of jade not acceptable .. even if she wants revenge , i mean come on kissing someones boyfriend infront of his girlfriend thats just...
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Robbie is a socially awkward boy who doesn't seem to do many things right. Rex is a smooth talking, Smart-Alec, cool guy who is really a puppet. And that's all he is. So how is Rex such a diverse character from his puppetmaster? Here's how I see it, due to my constant way to overanalyze and overthink the simplest things. Once I made this, I believed it would be something I would love to share.

Robbie knows he can not do much right, such as talk to girls یا act cool. It should not mean much to people, but in Hollywood Arts, it apparently means a lot to the poor guy. Yet he can not really do anything...
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Okay, I know many people love the دکھائیں and so do I. Trust me I do. But there are some parts/things on the دکھائیں that tick me off. Now, this is my opinion please respect it and if آپ agree I'm fine with that.

Hmmm...let's start with 'The Diddly Bops'.

{The Diddly Bops}
So, when they are all getting ready to perform in front of the children, Cat says: "Umm..Tori, Jade can't fit her boobs in the hamburger." آپ know, I have a nine-year-old little brother that was watching this with me the first time it came out. He asked me: "What are boobs?" I just ignored him. That episode was kinda inappropriate...
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