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posted by prim17luvr101
Reduces swelling and prevents infection when chewed and applied to a wound. May also be chewed سے طرف کی a cat with a toothache to reduce pain, swelling, and aid in preventing complications.

Used to prevent tooth decay.

Use the gel inside of leaves to cure skin problems یا burns.

New shoots are to be eaten, and chewed and applied to the bit of an Adder یا وائپر, واپار to stave off the effects of its poisoned bite.
Keys (seeds) of the Ash درخت may also be consumed to fight the pain caused سے طرف کی a stitch in the side.

Apply to the paw to treat any paw problems.

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posted by 789703011
yes I've wondered about this 4 a long time aswell, and now I'm positive its true. Long shadows didn't give as many hints as other کتابیں but I'll فہرست them any way. There are only like 2 more. Oh and all the 3 are her kits. I think it would have been cool if it was only Jaypaw, Jayfeather.
1. Jaykit remembers a dream of him walking through snow and Leafpool says it was true. Leafpool could have snuck away to have her kits during leafbare and had to walk them back to camp in the snow and sneak him into the nursery with Squirrleflight.

2. When Jaypaw tells Leafpool he can walk in other cats dreams...
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 The Four
The Four
Chapter 2 ~

Tanglepaw's mentor, Ivyspring, was teaching her how to swim. "You just need to..." Tanglepaw looked over the stream, forgetting all about her training. She wondered what her littermates were doing... Her thoughts trailed off. "... And make sure آپ don't panic یا thrash about." Ivyspring finished. "Got that?" she asked. "Uh-huh." Tanglepaw mewed. Suddenly, she felt her paws slipping on the bank of the stream. "Tanglepaw!" yowled Ivyspring. Tanglepaw tried to keep her head above the water, but the currents were pulling her deeper. She thought she would drown. But, she felt the same...
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I AM PROUD TO ANNNOUNCE I AM MAKING A 2D WARRIOR CATS INTO THE WILD VIDEO GAME!!! I will updatw for further info. Right now آپ can:

1. Have the ماؤس dream
2. Wake up and find it was just a dream as Rusty. (cannot eat the food یا see twolegs etc.)
3. Talk to Smudge/Argue with Smudge
4. Go to forest, fight Graypaw
5. Meet Bluestar and Lionheart
6. Talk to Smudge again
7. Save file
8. Meet Whitestorm

No asking for customizable cats becaus this IS based on Into The Wild. Which reminds me, this does contain spoilers if آپ havent read the book.

link To See The Working In Progress Version Of This Incomplete Game
so this is what to do. For section one, use the first letter of your first name and the word beside it is the first part of ur cat name. Then in part two, آپ use the دن of your birthday ( i.e 6, 9, 10,) and the word beside it is the last part! plz تبصرہ your name u got from it and share any names آپ have made یا want me to add! so here is part one



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posted by akatsuki_lover9
 flippy burying firestar
flippy burying firestar
Chapter 3
it's been one sunrise since I killed tigerstar. I can still feel his blood between my claws. I wonder if the rest of the clan cats are thinking about my warning. I hope they are. If they aren't then let them be fools. That will just make it even مزید fun to decide their fate. “how did I do scourge?” flippy's voice brings my attention back to the present. “you scared the fleas off their mangy pelts.” scourge replied. “with آپ here they'll have to give us the forest.”
days passed by. Nothing exiting happened. Then it was the دن the clan cats had to make their decision....
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posted by bloodpool
Well, to start I have read all the کتابیں and I'm starting Forgotten Warrior. I type about spoilers and other warriors stuff. First there is مزید then one Erin Hunter there about 4. Also the movie everyone is talking about, the Erins haven't say anything about it so no movie yet. On YouTube there are the best trailers and other stuff.
Ok spoilers~ there are some things that are super.

Jayfeather, Lionblaze, HollyLeaf are Leafpool and Crowfeather's kits. HollyLeaf tells everyone at the gathering.
Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are no longer mates.
HollyLeaf killed Ashfur then ran into the tunnels....
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posted by InvaderCynder
We all know about Thunder Clan, Wind Clan, River Clan, and Shadow Clan.But what of a fifth clan?A hidden clan?A clan of those who are not accepted in the other clans یا سے طرف کی twolegs but cannot survive as loners?Your probably wondering What clan i am talking about, yes? I am talking about Lost Clan.

I have only made mere pictures of the cats of this long lost clan, but i will make the stories as my ideas grow.

Leader:Lithium (three legged calico with black bangs)

once a kitty pet, her leg was torn off سے طرف کی a dog and the vet thought she would die if she continued as a house cat so they set her free....
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Cast list
Leafpool: light brown tabby she-cat (medicine cat)
Brambleclaw: dark brown tabby tom (deputy of ThunderClan)
Cloudtail: long-haired white tom
Berrypaw: cream-colored tom (Brambleclaw’s apprentice)
Crowfeather: dark gray tom
Onestar: brown tabby tom (leader of WindClan)
Tornear: tabby tom
Harepaw: light brown tom (Tornear’s apprentice)
The narrow, overgrown stream that runs through the woods at the edge of the moor, which marks the border between ThunderClan and WindClan.
Early leaf-fall, two moons after the death of Hawkfrost on ThunderClan territory in mysterious...
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Bramblestar see Squrrielflight in Jayfeather's ماند, خلوت خانہ from his.

Bramblestar: Squrrielflight what are آپ doing in there i meow?

Squrrielflight: Just Helping him because he is sick آپ know.

Bramblestar: Well hurry up آپ need to finish your deputy duties.

Squrrielflight(Dalek): Don't Worry i will finish!

Bramblestar: Umm yess.

Squrrielflight: Oh no looks like he is about to sneeze.

Bramblestar: Sneeze?

Jayfeather: Ahhh chooo.

As soon as he sneezes his ماند, خلوت خانہ Followed سے طرف کی the entire camp explodes.


Squrrielflight: WHAT!! Nothing to do with me at all something went wrong.

Bramblestar: I think your brain went wrong come back here quickly.

Squrrielflight: At least he Respawns.
this is why I think millie is better for gray stripe than Silverstream ( آپ can think different because this is just my opinion.)

1. Silverstream was in river clan and Millie was a kittypet but she proved herself worthy of the clan's respect.

2. Nobody knew about graystripes and silverstreams relationship until she died. after that not everybody still respected graystripe. With mille, graystripe came back to thunderclan to announce that he was her mate and then everyone accepted him.

3. having a mate in another clan is against the warrior code. having a kitty pet as a mate is fine only if they have joined your clan.

that's really all i have right now. please تبصرہ if آپ agree with me and if آپ have anymore reasons why millie is better for graystripe than silverstream than feel free to tell me.
Firestar: Courage to make the hardest decisions
Goldenflower: Understanding the love of a mother
Bluestar: Clear judgement of character
Mousefur: Listening to elders
Lionheart: Greatest pride in ThunderClan
Ferncloud: Understanding that not only warriors play a role in protecting the Clan
Cinderpelt: Offering سیکنڈ chances
Feathertail: Exploring beyond the borders of the Clan
Ravenpaw: Speaking out against injustice, pursuing the truth above all else


Firestar:    Welcome to StarClan, Brambleclaw!

Firestar:    I give آپ a life with the courage to make...
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posted by puffer_fish
 NORMAL Mary sue.
NORMAL Mary sue.
Hello everybody! Okay, so in this first OC Making 101 Article... Mary sues. Now, most of آپ know what i'm talking about. Rainbows, un-natural colors, neon. BUT, that's SO stereotypical! Most NORMAL Mary sue's, Like IceTalon here, Look normal and have something wrong with it. (The base was made سے طرف کی WarriorCatkittyclaws on deviantart! ) Then... On the other hand... Stereotypical Mary sue's, like Queen قوس قزح step over there at the bottom of the page... Is actually kinda scary. Now. if your a beginner, at least TRY? G'night! See آپ on the اگلے episode of.. OC making 101!
 Stereotypical Mary sue.
Stereotypical Mary sue.
For entertainment purposes only. Based on actual recordings.

Bramblestar: Now Squrrielflight if آپ put a Hydrogen rod in a reactor it will of cor....

Bramblestar is interrupted سے طرف کی a large explosion to find a beam coming from the lake.

Bramblestar: Squrrielflight what was that!!

Squrrielflight: I Don't know it must be the reactor we left earlier سے طرف کی the lake.

Bramblestar: Oh Dear we better get a Radiation suits on and clean the lake out.

A Few hours later after the lake is cleaned out Squrrielflight tells Bramblestar something.

Squrrielflight: So now that the lake is cleaned out I gave Jayfeather a...
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ارے guys here an FF for a warrior cats story I like to call Forbidden love! It's about two clan kit one named Spiritkit and the other named Rainkit. of here's the summery!!

Summery: a Spirit and Rain will be in love but clan will keep them apart kit's will come fights will happen Spirit and Rain will be forbidden from clan life.

Emberstar-Tom Leader
Coalthorn-Tom Deputy-App Silverpaw
Thornhaze-Tom Medicine cat-App Littlepaw
Warriors:(Tom's یا she's without kits)
Ivyleaf-Tom warrior-App Sagepaw
Meadowtail-She warrior-app Mudpaw
Owlpath-she warrior-App Snowpaw
Cloverthorn- She warrior...
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Hi warrior fans, me and my best friend are making a پرستار series based on warrior cats. we made are own clans:Hail clan,sun clan,rain clan,lightning clan. the main characters are moon kit and ivy kit,they are sisters,but we need clan members and a traitor. To get your character in the book تبصرہ the name of the character,what they look like, and there personality.I will keep آپ updated.
PS. don't ask for big roles we chose who gets big roles but, if آپ don't get a big role at first your role will grow I promise.

* derp derp derp derp derp de...* " STOP! THIS IS SO USLESS!" Firepaw screeched at his tablet * when did they get tablets? o.0 * he rose to his paws and screamed. Then remembered his اگلے plan. * dose his happy evil dance :3 *
" TIME TO GET TROLLED SHADOWCLAN!" He chanted. Then ran to his secret exiting in the den. " WAIT! I should go to the DP cause last time." 1 منٹ LATER. Firepaw started out to the direction to the camp. He heard music. "Oh yah! It's Brokenstar's huge party bash today!" He sprinted back to Thunderclan camp. "Firepaw!" He heared a shout. "Sandpaw?" He meowed. "WHAT ARE...
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posted by wolfcat47
T- Tigerstar
G- Graystripe
D- Dustpelt
M- Mousefur
F- Firestar
S- Sandstorm

Welcome to dirtplace wars. I am your host, Tigerstar.

T- today, it is ( drumroll ) Dustpelt v.s Firestar!!!!

D- hi

F- HI!!!!!

T- okay. Um. First we make آپ drink till آپ need to go. اگلے we put آپ in the dirtplace but DON'T GO!!!!!!! Next, we put آپ in challenges that will urge آپ to go. Who ever goes first, loses.
Try to hold it in the longest. The winner gets.... SANDSTORM!!!!

D- :D

F- :D

15 منٹ LATER......

T- everyone ready?

D- yes

F- yes

T- there are cameras in there and 1 judge controls 1 camera.
Graystripe, Sandstorm,...
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posted by tawnypelt445
snowy woke up in her den, curled around her pups. They were two weeks old now. She licked them and they woke up. Snowy lived in a cave with vines hanging over the entrance. She had covered the floor with any moss, leaves, and گھاس she could find, and dug for food in the snow, یا ate the food she had saved from the fall. Snowy let her pups climb over her as she ate some mouse. She left the rest for Cloud, (girl) and Night, Star, and Ice, (boys) to eat. Snowy went out of the cave, and up onto the top. As she was gazing out into the swirling snow, the rock beneath her hind paws shifted ' oh no...
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Tigerpaw had just returned to camp from a hunting patrol along with RobinWing, And LeafStorm. It had been the season full of snow and scarce prey, so they didnt return with much. He walked over to the fresh kill pile, but instead of dropping it, he hesitated and realized that the elders should be hungry سے طرف کی now. He proceeded to walk over to the elders den. “CrowSong? Ripple Tail?” He called. He looked over to see crowsong huddled in the corner, as if he didnt care for anything much more. Rippletail glanced over aswell and sighed. “He hasnt been the same ever since Mistytail died.” She...
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