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The PD for MBC’s مقبول variety دکھائیں ‘We Got Married‘ has revealed that an idol was cast as part of a new couple.

He stated, “We will actually be inserting only one new couple. It seems that one partner will be an idol. However, I will not reveal whether that idol is a male یا a female.” He also revealed that they’re trying their best so that new couple will be introduced on اگلے week’s episode.

So far, netizens have been thrown in names like SISTAR‘s Hyorin یا Super Junior‘s Leeteuk. While the latter’s participation has been denied, Hyorin’s side has remained fairly neutral on their answers.

The new couple will be joining Kim Won Joon, Park So Young, Lee Jang Woo, and Ham Eunjung on ‘We Got Married’
It’s one of the hardest meetings a girl will have to make, but SNSD’s Seohyun took a deep breath and tried to deliver a first impression that would do her husband proud.

For MBC’s “We Got Married“, Seohyun and her ‘husband’ (CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa) travelled to Busan recently to meet his family. In an effort to make a positive first impression, Seohyun tried her best to learn the provincial dialect and certain gestures indigenous to Busan, in addition to دکھانا a bigger appetite than normal.

The couple was greeted سے طرف کی Yonghwa’s mother upon their arrival, and visited a sushi restaurant for a meal.

Their meeting, and whether Seohyun received a passing score as a ‘daughter-in-law’ can be found on the episode scheduled for December 8th.