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posted by blakeberry
ارے people I heard this Amazing rumor that there maybe will be a Prison Break 2013 Movie oh well we are many شائقین out there so we could make it possible سے طرف کی trending this in twitter saying: We want #PrisonBreak back we do ! WENTWORTH we Love آپ we want the cast back time for the 2012 breakout. Please help us if u want Wentworth Miller to Shine once again help me and my دوستوں to make this Possible This wil be amazing. Because we get to see the Great cast again and voting them in awards we are the best شائقین in the world think about this and تبصرہ below with your thoughts
Wentworth Miller.
l hear thinks that makes me sick of hearing.
Like how hollwood treats a human being even if there making alot of money یا hot.Wentworth.
Is human and people say stuff like he's gay یا not. Hot because he gained alittle weight To Me.
Wentworth Miller is hot and talent actor and. l am a پرستار that likes someone for who they are and what there talent's are and yes he is a very handsome man but he is also human l wish those people.that makes stories up too make money too.
Leave him alone and let the guy live his life they way he choose's