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warning: coarse language.
this is the first book of a four-part series that i'm writing, also on the twilight fanpage. Please feel free to تبصرہ and tell me if آپ like it, یا if آپ have any suggestions. i'm DEFINATELY open to those.

IT SUCKS TO FALL IN LOVE, only to have it ripped away سے طرف کی what آپ are. To have it stripped from آپ سے طرف کی your crimes against others. If anyone knew that, it was me, since I had to go through this مزید times than anyone else has. But this was different. He was different.
He was pinned to the ground سے طرف کی one of my prosecutors, his face contorted in pain....
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Thanks to precious211 for helping me come up with the عنوان and Luna's name!!!!! آپ helped a ton!!!

Chapter one

I was in a large hall that looked like it could be in a midevil-King-Artur-type-movie. It was made of beige stone, had red banners with a سونا دائرے, حلقہ and black بھیڑیا print on them hanging on thick pillars, torches lit on either side of them, casting a dark shadow behind the pillars,and a simple golden تخت with a red چادر, فرغل tossed over in sitting on the center of a platform near the back of the hall. I reconised the image imeadeadly. It's like going to collage then seeing a picture...
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YT videoclip with some real sound effects of a howling wolf, یا a werewolf, same thing, makes no difference
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Werewolf scene from 1988's horror film, "Waxwork"....
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 The Black Wolves of Krishna
The Black Wolves of Krishna
Everything is from the app Your Lupine Life.

Krishna himself made from a black body hair of Vishnu, could use his own magic black hair to summon a pack of black wolves.

Research is continuing into the matter. If آپ know something about these werewolves, please leave a message.

Yeah there's not much on this one. I thought there'd be مزید but I guess the history is kind of sketchy. Um, this isn't much of an مضمون but what are ya gonna do right? Don't really answer all this. I'm being very stupid.
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