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There is some false information on here. I know quite alot about Will. I have never heard him say he is afraid of the color purple- he has worn the color purple before, and since this is a site that is easily edited - I would take some things with a grain of salt. And He doesn't have a fear of heights he has a fear of crowds/lots of people which is agoraphobia - heights is acrophobia. So Im just saying take some of these things with a grain of salt. And yes he did say he would never go in front of the camera again, but now that " Girl Meets World" is coming- he said if and when, he would be open to Eric possibly returning. You can never completely believe what you read on the internet. Also about Republicans, Will likes to joke around- he doesn't have a true phobia of Republicans either. Republicans with their ideologies these days can "scare" alot of people. So Im sure he was jokingly saying that cause he doesn't agree/ like them ( I agree with him personally). A Phobia is a very serious thing.
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Also the commercial for President Barack Obama in 2008 that Rider Directed and starred in along with Will was a satire about " having hope" - like " hope is a bad thing" it ends with " when did having hope become a bad thing?". Riders now wife is in it as well.

So whoever complied this info didnt thoroughly do all their research and did a poor job compiling the personal info about Will, and kind of sounds like they really dont know Will. I of course have never met him, but feel like I know him, through his interviews and cause I have watched BMW, and some of his other shows for the past 16 or so years of my life.
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