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posted by lilylove89
Willard Christopher "Will" Smith, Jr. (born September 25, 1968)[1] is an American actor, film producer, and rapper. He has enjoyed success in music, ویژن ٹیلی and film. In April 2007, Newsweek called him the most powerful actor in Hollywood.[2] Smith has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards, and has won multiple Grammy Awards.

In the late 1980s, Smith achieved modest fame as a rapper under the name The Fresh Prince. In 1990, his popularity increased dramatically when he starred in the مقبول ویژن ٹیلی series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The دکھائیں ran for nearly six...
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posted by mirsim
What is unacceptable? Last night's behaviour سے طرف کی Will Smith.
He has shown to the entire world, that he has a lack of control when confronted with something uncomfortable.And absolutely no fear of any consequences (seemingly he was right, as no police arrested him یا even cited him after the incident) to his actions. He had a few سیکنڈ to come to grips with himself after the "hit", as he made his way back to his seat, but he continued to scream obscenities even knowing the whole world,including fans, young and old, were able to witness it.
His son Jayden, thereafter, in his infinite wisdom, commented...
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I was watching my TV yesterday and found out they were going to دکھائیں Bad Boys II which I so wanted to watch.I have watched this movie like 59 times and I can tell آپ I have never been bored. Not once, Not ever. Who ever wrote the script یا produced it did a very good job. If آپ don't know Will Smith well then let me tell آپ what I know about him. Not I like know him well too but just a little bit.Did آپ know that Will was دیا admission to study some technical course but turned it down?. I knew Will first as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The comedy series I still watch at Sony Television...
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posted by Raymon13
We are all professionals in what we do but sometimes we make mistakes, and if we do not think well before doing یا saying something that may offend the sensibilities of other people, there will always be someone who, in one way یا another, will let us know not to do it again. do it, even if it hurts. It is not to be proud of the decision آپ made, but it is also very true that only a true man knows the sacred temple that his family represents for him and when to let everyone know, where in his دل he is. And this is law for anyone. God bless آپ Will.Grettings from Colombia,
posted by kevburst2
Dominant Species

Logline: After an alien invasion, a town awakens
five days later from a post apocalyptic
nuclear war.

Totally different concept,and the script is ready.For information, contact:

Kevin Doy Burton
110 Corrina Blvd.
Telephone: (262) 408-2382
website: www.myspace.com/chanze14

Authof of the sci/fi horror novels:

Emanon,The Journey Of Emanon,The Rip,Dominant Species,and Damned Forever


My voice mail says ( leave a message ),but that's ok.It's me.I do get calls from solicitors.
posted by concretestain
 concrete stain
concrete stain
A. Preparation of Existing Concrete Surface

Curing agents, sealers, paints, coatings, waxes یا water repellents must be removed prior to the concrete acid stain application. Curing agents are products that are sprayed on the concrete after it is poured to help hold in moisture during the curing process. آپ may not be aware that they are there.

An easy test to find out if they are there یا if there is any kind of sealer on the concrete is to pour a small glass of water onto the concrete surface and spread it around so that it coverage approximately 1-2 sq. ft. . Let the water sit for about 5...
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