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Her full name is Sharon Janny ماند, خلوت خانہ Adel

Sharon ماند, خلوت خانہ Adel was born on the 12 july 1974

Her hobbies are:Fantasy books, movies, her cats Haplo and Lola, badminton, football, valleyball, painting, being outdoors

Sharon studied fashion, has a bachelors degree in fashion management, and has worked as a stylist and designer before becoming full-time musician


Her favourite کاک, کاکٹیل is Piña Colada

Sharon is a semi-vegetarian; her favourite food is sushi

At the age of 13, Sharon played five years in a band called "Koshiro" doing blues-rock (mainly cover songs)

Sharon is usually very nervous before going...
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 Sharon ماند, خلوت خانہ Adel
Sharon Den Adel
Sharon ماند, خلوت خانہ Adel - Beyond Within Temptation
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Progressive, Power, Gothic, Symphonic Metal


01 - Farewell (Avantasia)
02 - Into the Unknown (Avantasia)
03 - Beyond Me (After Forever)
04 - Time (Aemen)
05 - Waltz (Aemen)
06 - Isis and Osiris (Ayreon)
07 - Cosmic Fusion (Ayreon)
08 - Behold (Orphanage)
09 - Are آپ the One (Timo Tolkki)
10 - Frozen (Voyage)
11 - Zwemmen In De Lucht (feat Eric Dikeb)
12 - Fly (Paralysis)
13 - Architecture of the Imagination (Paralysis)
14 - No Compliance (Delain)
15 - Crucify (De Laatste Showband)
16 - In and Out of Love (Armin وین Buuren)
17 - Truth یا Dare (Oomph!)
18 - Keep Breathing (Ruud Jolie)

 Sharon ماند, خلوت خانہ Adel
Sharon ماند, خلوت خانہ Adel
So I decided to compile a فہرست of Within Temptation songs in order of my پسندیدہ to least favorite--which is easier کہا than done because they are all my پسندیدہ lmao. Excluding the covers because they aren't Within Temptation songs per-say.

1. Our Farewell
2. Jillian
3. Mother Earth
4. Ice Queen
5. Jane Doe
6. Deceiver Of Fools
7. In The Middle Of The Night
8. What Have آپ Done
9. Aquarius
10. Stairway To The Skies
11. In Perfect Harmony
12. Solemn Hour
14. See Who I Am
15. The Howling
16. Caged
17. Supernova
18. Dark Wings
19. The Promise
20. Bittersweet
21. Stand My Ground
22. The Cross
23. دل Of Everything...
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posted by zylice
I hope there all correct...let me know if I've made any mistakes...

Where Is The Edge Lyrics!

Whoooo...........In the shadow awaits a desire, but آپ know that آپ can't realise , and the pressure will just keep on risen, ..now the heat is on.

It's to late there's no way around it, you'll see that yourself many times.
In the end you'll give up the fighting..unescapeable ..Cause your losin your mind and آپ sleep in the دل of the lies!

Chorus: Where is the edge of your darkest emotions, why does it all survive? Where is the light of your deepest devotions?I Pray that it's still alive!

It's the...
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Whilst typing my سب, سب سے اوپر 25 songs مضامین I decided I wanted to do a مزید in depth interpretation of a few of the songs on the list. (One of which being Our Farewell). The lyrics well be in italics and the interpretations left in standard text. I do hope to continue these, that کہا I think some songs will have مزید clear messages than others--some songs will be مزید heavy on personal interpretation as opposed to being so clear cut.

Overall I think this song is about the passing of a loved one. So if آپ are not comfy with discussions of death/suicide I wouldn't read on/. I also think it could...
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posted by DarkWillow666
"Shot In The Dark"

I’ve been left out alone like a damn criminal
I’ve been praying for help cause I can’t take it all
I’m not done,
It’s not over.
Now I’m fighting this war since the دن of the fall
And I’m desperately holding on to it all
But I’m lost
I’m so damn lost

Oh I wish it was over,
And I wish آپ were here
Still I’m hoping that somehow

‘Cause your soul is on fire
A shot in the dark,
What did they aim for when they missed your heart?

I breathe underwater
It’s all in my hands
What can I do?
Don’t let it fall apart
A shot in the dark

In the blink of an eye
I can see through your...
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posted by Elenigros
Nothing's ever changed, آپ still turn away
You've washed your hands
You've made that all too clear
You just keep on living this lie

You refuse to see, you're denying me
The پار, صلیب I bear
But آپ don't seem to care
Even Judas knew he had lied

I keep wondering why I'm still calling your name through my tears

Why have آپ waited to embrace me, my dear?
Cold is your silence, denying what is real
I'm still wondering why I'm still calling your name, my dear

I'm sorry if آپ can't stand the naked truth
All آپ see is how آپ want it to be
So آپ keep on living your life

Release me from this پار, صلیب after all these...
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Most people know that I love Within Temptation (clearly, because I'm on this spot) but I don't think I've really stated why, so I decided to type an مضمون on it.

First and foremost, Sharon. I love Sharon so much. She just seems like such a lovely person and she's so adorable. And her stage presence is amazing and very energetic. She seems just as excited to be on the stage as we are to be in the crowd. I also really admire the fact that she کہا she'd never go nude to break into the American market. Sharon is just the best.

In relation to energetic performances; they are awesome live. I haven't...
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posted by mrslovett_love

Lost in the darkness
Hoping for a sign
Instead there's only silence
Can't آپ hear my screams?
Never stop hoping
Need to know where آپ are
But one things for sure
You're always in my heart

I'll find آپ somewhere
I'll keep on trying
Until my dying day
I just need to know
Whatever has happened
The truth will free my soul

Lost in the darkness
Trying to find your way home
I want to embrace you
And never let آپ go
Almost hope you're in heaven
So no one can hurt your soul
Living in agony
Because I just do not know
Where آپ are

I'll find آپ somewhere
I'll keep on trying
Until my dying day
I just need to know
Whatever has happened
The truth will free my soul

Wherever آپ are
I won't stop searching
Whatever it takes
I need to know

I'll find آپ somewhere
I'll keep on trying
Until my dying day
I just need to know
Whatever has happened
The truth will free my soul