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Ever since the release of the 2017 DCEU movie, "WONDER WOMAN", film critics and moviegoers have been raving over it and raving over the Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman character as this کرن, رے of sunshine in the middle of Warner Brother Studio's DCEU’s "doom and gloom". Sigh!

First of all, the main reason I had looked آگے to seeing "WONDER WOMAN" in the first place was my curiosity over the main protagonist's development. I was curious to see how the Wonder Woman/Diana Prince character had transformed into the somewhat cynical and weary woman that I saw in the...
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posted by vider69
Yes, I کہا that I'd stop creating spots after my tenth one, 'King Kong' and now I'm at it again with my eleventh spot, which just proves to me how addictive Fanpop can be, and I love animation, so after creating 'Animalation' and 'Cartoon Babes' I was surprised that no one had created a spot for Wonder Woman, I loved the comic کتابیں and the ویژن ٹیلی series with Lynda Carter, and when I 'Googled' Wonder Woman I was amazed at how many photos, پیپر وال and material was available on the subject of someone who I have been a پرستار of for as long as I can remember, so it was a big deal for me to...
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I was raised سے طرف کی a really strong woman who, when I was eight, divorced my dad and entered the feminist movement. It was she who bought me my first 'Wonder Woman' book, a hardcover compendium of 'golden-age' comics سے طرف کی Moulton-Marsden himself. That's where my love of all things Wonder Woman began.

However, I couldn't help but notice that, ABC's WW دکھائیں notwithstanding, there was an absolute paucity of female superhero shows and movies. Think about it--how many times have they rehashed 'Batman'? Or, for that matter 'Superman'? Who really was there to represent Us? When are they going to do a live-action...
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"WONDER WOMAN" (2017) Review

Since the release of "MAN OF STEEL" back in 2013, the D.C. Comics Extended Universe (DCEU) franchise has been in a conundrum. Although the 2013 film and with the two فلمیں that followed - "BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE" and "SUICIDE SQUAD" - were all box office hits, they had been heavily condemned سے طرف کی many film critics. Then along came "WONDER WOMAN", the first superhero movie that featured a woman in the lead since 2005.

Directed سے طرف کی Patty Jenkins, "WONDER WOMAN" is basically a flashback on the origins of Princess Diana of Thymerica aka Diana Prince aka Wonder...
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posted by Jeffrey2112
 Adrianne Palicki
Adrianne Palicki
Wonder Woman is making a comeback whether we like it یا not!

Adrianne Palicki, has been cast to take on the role that made Lynda Carter famous in the 70’s.

Palicki will play Diana Prince, a Los Angeles businesswoman who masquerades as a crime fighting she-ro, in the NBC show.

Although Adrianne Palicki has been acting for years, this role will definitely take her to the اگلے level. What I’m trying to say is that she will go from C/D فہرست to A/B فہرست if the دکھائیں is a hit. That means a lot of magazine covers, free gifts and she gets to تاریخ some hot A-list actors.

What do آپ guys think of Wonder Woman making a comeback?
 Adrianne Palicki
Adrianne Palicki
posted by Smartasses

After the rebirth of old TV Shows like The Bionic Woman, Hawaii 5-0 and Battlestar Gallactica, many of آپ have been clamoring for a rebirth of Wonder Woman. آپ clamored even مزید when آپ heard it was on the table. Well, finally, it appears that the project is going to happen. It was just announced that NBC has decided to give the دکھائیں a go.

The project is being touted as a reinvention (Yikes, that is almost never good) of the ایمیزون Princess, where Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince, is a ‘vigilante crime fighter in Los Angeles, but also a successful corporate executive and a...
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