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posted by New1Superion2
There have been numerous threads addressing different playing styles. But they’ve pitted one style against another ... یا deeply analyzed a particular style. Here, we’re going to define all the different styles of play in one location. (At least that’s my goal.)

1 - Define and categorize the styles of play.
2 - Identify some Pros who exemplify the styles in question.
3 - Be prepared to defend your opinion with some logic.

Let’s see if we can arrive at some level of agreement ... and keep the flaming to a minimum.

I’ve put a lot of thought into this. Here’s my best shot at this -- garnered...
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posted by New1Superion2
 مصنف Jeff Cooper
author Jeff Cooper
One of the biggest advantages tennis has over many other sports is that آپ only need to round up one other person (or three for doubles) in order to have a game. Even so, some players have a hard time getting a game, either because they can't find opponents of similar skill یا because they're just not much fun to have on the court, lacking understanding of some points of tennis etiquette. I'll address the latter problem here سے طرف کی looking at some often-overlooked rules of on-court behavior.

Tennis has its official rules, then it has The Code of Tennis, the unofficial rules of good tennis sportsmanship....
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