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posted by mindless_always
Jess Yuur Ma Babbey I Love Yuu So Fuccking Much uur Ma Iceing Onn Thaa Cake Annd Ma چیری, آلو بالو Too The Icereaam (lol)

Yu The Most Beautiful Gurrl i Knoe
Yuu Maa Sis Annd I Love
Yuu Yuu Funny پچھواڑے, گدا Hell Yu Keep Mee Rollling Annd Yur Always There Foor Mee I Love Yuuu Jees

Yuur Fucccking Awesome



Love Yuuu bababbeess

I Dont Know Wahat Too Say yuur Amzing Yuur Everything Too Mee Annd Hope I Nevery Losee Yoo funny پچھواڑے, گدا

Yuu Soo Preety Anndd Wonderfull

Andd If Anybitch try To HUrt uu Caal 1-800 Choke Dat Hoee Lol
posted by iS2cameronboyce
Hellurr ! Well Im Makinqq Thiss Foo JESSIE:)) ...

She Is so Awesome ! 'nD a gREAT fRIEND

IlOVE hER As A Friend xx But iHope We Stay دوستوں

IHave Her Back Till Thee End ... If Any Of Yu Hoez(Yeah Yu) Mess With Her ? Pssh ! Yu KNow Whts Gunna Happen !! So Put YO Self In Check !1

Add Her Peeps (If YU Havent)

So Jessie iDont Want Yu To Fo Get Me یا That IGht?

I Wouldnt Leave Yu B Cause Yur Ma Best Friend/Sis/Boo :))

WEll Baii Gurllie !:))

P.S. Only YU Can Call ME J ! :)) Hehehehe

xxJakaylaxx <33