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posted by Robin_Love
She opened her eyes and looked around the dimly lit room. She read the time on the clock. Only noon. She had time. She reached under her بستر and pulled out the suitcase. She got up and looked in her closet. Pushing the clothes aside, she grabbed all the weapons left on their posts. She placed them in the suitcase along with the other smaller knives and guns hidden in the room. S
he threw in a book of تصاویر and her journal. She closed the suitcase, slipped her iPod in her pocket, and looked around the simple room she had called hers. There really wasn't much she had, a few books, few clothes, one pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals.
No posters, animals, anything that would have led on to her personality. A small mirror hanging from the back of the door made it look different from the however many empty rooms there were. She went back the closet and pulled out a small silver jewelry box.
It had been her mom's and the one thing that had survived that fire. It held the trinkets of her memories. Her first bullet, colored stones from her sister, glass from a broken window, things people wouldn't understand why she had them.
Except one person. As he came to mind, she fingered the crescent moon ہار he'd دیا her. She opened the box and looked at the small bag of sand. Her first kiss with him had been down سے طرف کی the beach. Now she added the ہار to that pile of sand. If he couldn't figure it out, she'd be lost. But she had faith in him. He would understand.
Unless she read wrong, he'd think of her after she was gone. سے طرف کی then, he'll get it. She placed another trinket inside the box and closed it. She slipped out of her room and walked down the hall to his. She placed the box on his ڈیسک and took one of his own weapons. He'll have to notice now. I just hope he gets it. Otherwise I may just be lost.
 ہار Alek gave her
Necklace Alek gave her
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posted by SilverWings13
The 18 سال old sat on the subway as it rolled along the tracks. His bag at his feet, containing every single thing he owned. Not much.
Declan kept his head down, ڈاکو, ہڈ drawn up over his wavy fair hair, earphones streaming Maroon 5 from the iPod tucked away in his جیکٹ pocket. He wasn't staring at nothing. He was looking at his worn tennis shoes, the floor, and the scenes from Atlantic City that kept flashing through his mind.
He did not regret killing the men. They would have hunted him down, murdered him, and done the same to the others. They got what was coming to them.
Declan felt a sudden...
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posted by InfinityYJ
BAH... Another one-shot... Fluff, kinda to get the oblivious people مزید aware of this.. :D
I hope I nailed Epsilon right. *shrug* oh well.

Fin stumbled back, running into another form behind her. She didn’t have to glance back to see who it was she’d run into. “You doin’ alright, Ep?”
“Fine,” the shifter grinned, smacking another guard away. “You have quite a history with these guys.”
“Eyup. I hate them, they hate me. Feelings are mutual between us.” She lit her hands on آگ کے, آگ and blasted a couple of them away. “But these guys.. they seem different. They’re better fighters...
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I wrote this before I was half done with RoR. It won't fit in the storyline now, but to avoid too many spoilers, this is your super preview. Oh BTW: RAVAGE PART II TOMORROW!!!!

"Where's ہولی and Artemis?" Revenge asked, swinging down اگلے to Nightwing and Batgirl.

"Here!" Artemis called, running up. "Holly's inside planting the explosives!"

"That's my girl." Revenge muttered.

His HUD flashed red thrice. A symbol he had hoped was an accidental set off.

"Evacuate the area!" Revenge yelled, firing his grappling line at the school and swinging off.

"You heard Revenge! Move!" Nightwing yelled. He ran...
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posted by -BelovedRobin
Welcome to Phantom Corps. We are a subdivision in the Justice League, other words, we are another branch. We specialize in mission that need hands to be dirty, breaking and entering and never getting caught. This Corps was formed سے طرف کی the Trinity: Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman and an ex-con Charm. Here are the current members.
Your name is SOARIN' KYLE یا what the media has آپ SOARIN' WAYNE, however most people know آپ as STRAY and آپ recently got placed onto a new task force called," Phantom Corps." آپ are UNDOUBTEDLY pissed off about it, believing آپ are being...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Anyone recongize where I got my inspiration from? If so tell me!

Name: Kenlie Saunders

Alias: Ravenna

Occupation: Villain

Age: hundred of years old but looks 16

Appearance: Jet black hair with bangs, pitch black 14 ft. wings, piercing, seductive red eyes, muscular for a girl, and she's 5'9

Personality: Jealous, arrogant and smart alec attitude, dark.

Powers: Sorcery, flight (wings), uses sorcery to stay youthful

Past: Ravenna's mother put a spell on her daughter to give her youth when she was a young girl, before they were seperated, and the spell could only be broken سے طرف کی the farest of them all (beside...
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