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PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTINUING: Every مضمون regarding Scotty's past is completely void unless they are reposted with updated information. Thanks!

Name: Scott Nathaniel Clancy, یا “Scotty”
Alias: White Lightning
Occupation: Hero
Age: 19
Appearance: Scotty's stature is around 6'1, earning him a muscular, but lanky status. His snow white hair hangs around his face, the bangs over his face are shorter above his eyes, but meet at a point between them. Despite being able to control weather, Scotty is quite pale. Every now and then he'll dress in dark clothing, but is usually found in flannels and...
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He layed asleep on the سوفی, لٹانا his eyes closed lightly and his breathing shallow and gentle. She walked in in her tight blue jeans and a بنفشی, وایلیٹ long sleeved شرٹ, قمیض with her combat boots and her eyes fixed on him, her lips surpressed a smile watching him. She walked over and sat across from him on the coffee میز, جدول and gentley brushed his hair out of his face and ran her hand down his cheek, he didnt awaken from his slumber. She watched him in intrest, he looked so relaxed and defenseless as he slept, she tilted her head to the side staring at him still. Never would she see him like this when he...
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