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Ever wanted to cheat?So easy,there are a lot ways.
1.Prepare deck,and on turns آپ have just a strong cards like Dark Magician,Blue Eyes White Dragon (i have it not deck of it) and many more!
2.Use a strongest card in one turn.
3.Never ever say that آپ listened to this مضمون cause,people will look at it and cheat against آپ be careful.
4.Last turn,you have to choose a strongest card EVER to beat your opponent easy.
5.Drop all weak and useless cards.
Look at those cards,they are so easy to cheat with.
Hope آپ enjoyed cheating.
If آپ have some weak cards,you can go to دکان tommorow یا today/tonight یا some another day.Then,drop every weak cards (they have like a 900 and less (1000 and مزید is stronger) like a Kuriboh haves less than that).
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