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posted by juurizero
zero runing on stairs and yuki behind
zero!!!!!!I love you(saying yuki)
what!(saying zero stoping)
yes i love you!
joy ends abruptly when zero caught her hand and he is coming of her neck!!!zero stop!(screaming she)
shhhhhh!do not scream!I want your blood!(saying he)
he bited she are a vampire?no no not realy
oh no want about me? sory yuki!I did not want to do that sory!!!
it's ok tanks as آپ told the truth!
even when I screw آپ all smile and that i love you!!!(saying he and kiss her)
posted by juurizero
First zero is not a cold boy always exist weather he lived besides his broather alone but shizuka later of hatred killed his family except his broather and it has bitten causing injury physical and mental making it in a vampire level E.
Found kaien he living with yuki in پار, صلیب academy, bite made him hate the vampires and because he hate vampire he hate and night class and this is why he was decidet be a vampire hunter.
Trained سے طرف کی yagari and teaming with yuki he guarded academy سے طرف کی means of bloody rose his weapon.
But as epected vampire behavoir he had made to bite his lover not allowed Yuki.
posted by ZekiYuro
Tiger, Tiger, burning bright
In the forest of the night,
What immortal hand یا eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps یا skies
Burnt the آگ کے, آگ of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare seize the fire?

And what shoulder and what art
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?


- William Blake "The Tiger"

Zero struggled with the wreckage pinning him down. He could just see the other three from where he was trapped. The smell of Kaname's blood in the air as he saw Rido yank the pureblood's head back, as he glimpsed Ichijo's head bent over the smooth, creamy neck... it...
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TEACHER YAGARI:Day Class Students,now we pratice about opposite-meaning words(or antonymous words).Now I say a sentence and آپ must say another one which has the opposite meaning,OK?

TEACHER YAGARI:The weather today is very well.
ZERO AND YUKI:The weather today is very bad.
TEACHER YAGARI:There is a boy standing on the street...
ZERO AND YUKI:There is an old man lying on the street...
TEACHER YAGARI:I picked up a coin.
ZERO AND YUKI:I dropped a coin.
TEACHER YAGARI:Wrong,you can't say that sentence.
ZERO AND YUKI:Right,we...
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Yuki leaned آگے and pressed a gentle kiss against the سب, سب سے اوپر of Kaname's head, remaining there, cradling his head as his silent tears bathed her hands, soft shudders of anguish that she would have done anything to alleviate shivering through him.

Zero stayed quietly unobtrusive سے طرف کی the درخت he was leaning against as he watched Kaname bow his head into Yuki's hands. The silent tremors that shook the pureblood's shoulders and the faint scent of salt told Zero that Kuran was crying. It was somewhere between heartbreaking and embarrassing to witness and he quickly looked away. It was a private moment...
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Evening sunlight painted پار, صلیب Academy in golden hues, filtering in through the fluttering drapes. The pureblood seated at his ڈیسک let his pen drop; head drooping as he pressed the heels of his palms into his eyes in a rare display of weariness.

Kaname had been released from the hospital two days ago. He'd refused to stay there any longer and, as most people did, the doctors let him have his way. It'd been a week since he almost died. His body was mending, but much too slowly for his liking. The wounds to his chest had finally closed over and no longer required bandages, but he still ached...
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The first fingers of dawn were starting to make their way under the heavy hotel curtains. Zero hadn't gotten much sleep. Kaname had been tossing and turning in the other بستر ever since he lay down a few hours ago. Zero had the تکیا pulled resolutely over his head to help block out the sound, but he couldn't shut out the dull ache throbbing at the base of his neck.

Kaname's sheets were damp and cold from his having gone to بستر wet, and from the thin sheen of cold sweat that was glistening on his body. He was dozing fitfully, but it was not restful. It merely trapped him in a state where his...
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Kaname and Zero were both freshly scrubbed, dressed and ignoring one another studiously سے طرف کی the time the others arrived. Kaname had wanted to avoid meeting anyone in their room and so he and Zero had taken a میز, جدول in the hotel's sleepy little bar and grill, which was adjacent to the lobby and allowed them to see when familiar faces appeared.

The Chairman and Yuki arrived first. Kaname was his usual, collected self as he greeted them, rising and pulling out a chair for Yuki at the end of the table, اگلے to where he was sitting. He smiled, commenting softly and sincerely that he was glad to see...
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