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The last thing Zero remembered was the unstoppable blade plunging for his heart… then the world exploded. Somehow he knew Kaname was the source, but one of the falling chunks of ceiling grazed his head and the اگلے thing he knew soft, gentle hands were patting his face urgently and a familiar voice was calling his name.


Zero's eyes opened groggily and he saw Yuki kneeling before him, her shocked and worried eyes fixed upon him. He was still in his room, which now looked like the site of an earthquake, still lying on the floor covered in dried blood and plaster dust. He saw one of the...
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zero runing on stairs and yuki behind
zero!!!!!!I love you(saying yuki)
what!(saying zero stoping)
yes i love you!
joy ends abruptly when zero caught her hand and he is coming of her neck!!!zero stop!(screaming she)
shhhhhh!do not scream!I want your blood!(saying he)
he bited she are a vampire?no no not realy
oh no want about me? sory yuki!I did not want to do that sory!!!
it's ok tanks as آپ told the truth!
even when I screw آپ all smile and that i love you!!!(saying he and kiss her)
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