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Kaname was gone.

Zero couldn't quite get the reality of it through his head... یا مزید truthfully, through his heart. He'd felt Kaname's presence wink out like the snuffing of a candle. He felt the dark, yawning abyss of pain and emptiness open and expand in his chest from their severed bond, like having the rug yanked out from under his feet. Like he was going to fall and fall forever... but he still couldn't accept this. It wasn't right... it would never feel right.

He stared down at his hands, covered in Kaname's blood as he pressed against the wound that was no longer bleeding. He felt like...
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Zero felt oddly like there wasn't quite enough oxygen in the room as Kaname just looked at him for a long moment before the pureblood's mouth dipped insistently back to his cheek and neck, making all kinds of heat shiver through the ex-human's body. Zero resisted a small groan, his hand almost automatically sliding up to tangle in Kaname's hair, feeling boneless as he sat trapped in the chair.

Then he seemed to come back to himself a little and his flush deepened. He quickly released Kaname's hair.

"Kuran, cut it out," Zero growled, shoving uselessly against him again before giving up and instead...
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Akaku akaku akaku yurete
yume no yume no hate e Hanarerenai
Mou nando mo akiramete wa oshikorosu tabi
Ikiba no nai kanjou ga me o samashiteku
kagere no nai sono hohoemi znkoku na hodo
tooi sonza da to wakaru yo
Ienai kizu kokoro mushibamu dake na no ni
yami no (nakani) ima mo (yadoru) omoi o osaekirenai
Akaku akaku akaku yurete
yume no yume no hate e
Deatte shimatta unmei ga mauaridasu
Dare mo Dare mo shiranai himatsu
Ochite ochite ochite
Mou modorenai tsumi o kizande mo kitto
Kodoku no fuchi arukinagara sukuareteita
Donna toki mo kawaranai RIARU na hitomi
Demo hikari ga mabushii hodo umareru kage wa
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About the club:
This club has been made(by Gwiazdeczka)for the Fanpopers loving,liking یا being interested in character Zero Kiryuu from manga/anime/light novels Vampire Knight of mangaka Matsuri Hino,director Sayama and writer Fujisaki Ayuna.This is a spot designed to access مزید information,images and مضامین about Zero,and it also makes آپ have مزید friends.

Aims of the club:
-To help آپ دکھائیں your love to Zero and contact many other fans.
-To help آپ get مزید information and تصاویر about him.
-To help آپ دکھائیں your thoughts in order to change some anti-Zero fans'mind.

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"I think we turn right up there," Yuki instructed, bent over a map taken from the bus station which she had spread across her lap. "Ichijo کہا Ume Blossom road, right? The name's not on the map, but that road's the only exit for another good stretch, so that might be it."

Zero and Yuki had left the city far behind سے طرف کی now. There were plenty of cars on the road, but not much to see besides trees and highway trash on either side.

"Ume Blossom road," Zero confirmed as soon as he caught sight of the small, worn sign indicating the road's name. Signaling, he pulled off into the turn lane.

"The winery...
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