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عملی حکمت

Post a male عملی حکمت character with silver/white hair.

13 answers | my answer: Dante - Devil May Cry (anime). Okay he's mostly kno...
عملی حکمت

Do آپ have a crush on any عملی حکمت characters?

96 answers | my answer: Afro Samurai I have crushes on the "rugged" type...
Video Games

Post a game یا game series that u fervently, passionately, and wholeheartedly follow and مجموعی طور پر that you're a huge and long-time پرستار of

7 answers | my answer: Devil May Cry (original). Even though it's nowhe...
Video Games

Post a game یا series that آپ find to be deep and complex as well as even confusing

4 answers | my answer: The Evil Within From Ruvik and his not so great...
Video Games

Post "I" if your a girl who loves video games.

4 answers | my answer: Me! Oh wait, I!
Video Games

Why Do آپ Hate فلمیں Based On Video Games? Post A Movie آپ Hate یا Dislike.

2 answers | my answer: BloodRayne This movie was f***ing awful all the...
Video Games

What video game dreams/dreams about video games have آپ had?

2 answers | my answer: My dreams are weird. Get ready for a surreal story....
Video Games

Post one of your پسندیدہ Super Nintendo games

1 answer | my answer: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Video Games

Post a game song that آپ find to be just simply (among several descriptions) powerful, majestic, fantastic, and incredible as well as emotional

3 answers | my answer: Devil May Cry OST - تکیا Talk Gets me choked u...
Video Games

What game genres that آپ are not into and have no interest in as well as even dislike?

6 answers | my answer: I think it's almost unanimous about sports games an...