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Reefer Madness

ارے dudette! Just a query about this Reefer Madness awesome looking flick ... is this movie meant to be enjoyed سے طرف کی stoners یا normal like people like me????

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G'day awesome Fanpoppers! Hoping someone can clear something up for me here... whilst stalking my own and others' activity I noticed that تبصرے that are made in فورم یا in these جوابات feature do NOT دکھائیں up on our activty. Why not???

4 answers | Best Answer: فورم replies/posts are shown in the "forums" secti...
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I've wondered about this for many years but no one has ever been able to give me an explanation: If the plural for dwarf is dwarves then why is the fairytale called Snow White And The 7 DwarFs? This would in fact be incorrect. No?

2 answers | Best Answer: Dwarfs was actually the original plural for dwarf....

I'm guessing maybe only the F4 can answer this accurately ... How come in the new 'popular content' feature section there's content that is irrelevant to the spot?

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Either something's afoot at the Fanpop یا I'm loosing my mind! Is anyone else having problem returning to the گزشتہ page they visited and who the hell is abraham? *Please read additional infor on the problem I'm having.

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I'm wondering if any users can give a logical explanation as to why the جوابات category feature is still being used to ask سوالات that really belong in a pick یا کوئز category? I'm sure someone must have some idea seeing as so many users do this!

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When is Myra's (Kathiria82) birthday? I like to know my bestest Fanpoppinig دوستوں birthdays so I can embarass them with a gift ... گیا کیا پوسٹ on Fanpop,lol!

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This is a two part question: When is the Leyton girl's baby due? I don't follow the series but am interested to know when bub's due. ALSO what is her name Peyton یا Leyton? I'm suspecting that Leyton is a shipping name? Thanj you!

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As of February 2009, what position does the awesome site Fanpop hold as a fansite - worldwide?

1 answer | Best Answer: It depends on which site آپ use for the measuremen...

Another سوال for the F4: اگلے to some of the سوالات there's a green box marked "good answer" but when آپ click on it, it doesn't actually specify any one answer. Just shows آپ all the replies. Why?

1 answer | Best Answer: ارے Cammy, the "good answer" is the one that's outl...