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What movie do آپ want Disney to make?

33 answers | my answer: -WIZARD OF OZZ, -SNOW QUEEN, -SNOW WHITE AND 7 DW...

What is the name of this song from Madonna?

1 answer | my answer: Searched online, it didn't appered to me. It mus...
Classic Disney

What's Your پسندیدہ Villain

7 answers | my answer: Evil Queen... The fairest villain who started it a...

Do آپ believe in God? Does God exist?

38 answers | my answer: NO !
Evil Queen

Can we change the cover تصویر and profila picture.... I think the spot looks OK, but it can look better...

1 answer | my answer: IT SURE DO... LOOKED AT THIS SPOT, IT'S SUCKS.......
Teen بھیڑیا

Who has the most chances to happen, Stiles and Lydia یا Stiles and Cora ?

7 answers | my answer: I will be happy with either way. I hope they create...
Once Upon A Time

Is everyone else annoyed سے طرف کی Mulan?

10 answers | my answer: I am not annoyed سے طرف کی her... سے طرف کی the way if she rea...
Once Upon A Time

Post a Pic of Once upon a time any pic آپ want big please

7 answers | my answer: my 2 پسندیدہ charachters
Once Upon A Time

Do آپ think that there will ever be a romantic tension between Hook and Emma?

5 answers | my answer: I strongly ship Queen Hook. And in sneak perk i saw...
Once Upon A Time

why cant any of the characters take some pity on regina?

6 answers | my answer: because they still see her as Evil Queen.