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عملی حکمت

post a pic that has the same sign as آپ

28 answers | my answer: Amu Hinamori is my same sign she is Libra and her b...
عملی حکمت

Post your پسندیدہ male character.

21 answers | my answer: My پسندیدہ Male Character Is Ikuto Tsukiyomi
عملی حکمت

Post pic of an عملی حکمت male character with red hair..............!!!!!!!!

19 answers | my answer: Fine (Fushigiboshi No Futagohime)
عملی حکمت

post عملی حکمت seires آپ have have watched...

8 answers | my answer: Mirumo De Pon, Shugo Chara (Photo), Tottoko Hamutar...
عملی حکمت

Post a picture of a maid

10 answers | my answer: Maria (Hayate No Gotoku)
عملی حکمت

Post a character playing a موسیقی instrument

19 answers | my answer: Mirmo (Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon)
عملی حکمت

Post characters wearing hats

14 answers | my answer: Miki of Shugo Chara
عملی حکمت

post your least پسندیدہ opening یا ending?

8 answers | my answer: Mine is Shugo Chara OP II (Minna Daisuki) Buono
عملی حکمت

عملی حکمت girl with big boobs

13 answers | my answer: Raika Oda Of papa No Iukoto Wo kikinasai
عملی حکمت

Whos your fav FEMALE character?

44 answers | my answer: My پسندیدہ kaede Minami She is my پسندیدہ Female...