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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
After coming inside and showering and getting dressed Jade and Olivvianna insisted on them making dinner. So while they were cooking me and Humphrey walked to our room. Humphrey closed the door softly and then he jumps on the بستر and lays down on it. I شامل میں him on the soft and warm بستر and snuggle up to him.
After a while Humphrey looks over at me with a grin, "We're all alone on a nice big بستر and in a sound proof room." I smile and nod, "Yep" Humphrey gets on سب, سب سے اوپر of me and smirks. "The perfect time to do stuff. hehehe." I smile up at him and stroke his fur. "MmHm" He unzips his jeans and I notice he has a bonner. I chuckle and rub his chest. He pulls pulls off his شرٹ, قمیض and then takes off mine.
Humphrey kisses me and pushes his hand behind my back and then takes off my bra. He rubs and stokes my breasts as he slides his tongue into my mouth. I close my eyes and french kiss back.
After a few minuets Humphrey pulls away and looks at my shorts. Smiling, he slowly takes them off, "Woooow, hehehe." He then quickly takes my underwear off. Humphrey's tail is waging and his eyes are sparkling as he stands up and takes off his pants and boxers. He then gets back on سب, سب سے اوپر of me.He is about to enter me when I suddenly put a hand on his chest, "Humphrey, just don't go to hard please." He looks at me surprised, "Why? I thought آپ liked it hard." I looked away, "Well I do but...." Humphrey raises an eyebrow, "But what?" I look him strait in the eye. "But I don't want to hurt the baby."
Humphrey jumps up and trips and crashes into the دیوار and then he falls to the floor with a moan. I jump up and look at him worriedly, I kneel beside him and put a hand on his shoulder, "Humphrey! Are آپ ok!?" He looks up at me, "Umm, yes." He just stares at me for a while and then he says, "So that's why آپ didn't want to go into the hot tub and that's why آپ didn't want me to go to hard! You're pregnant!" I nod and smile, "Yep, I'm pregnant with our baby Humphrey." He stands up and puts his hands on my belly and rubs it gently, then he kneels down and kisses it.
Humphrey smiles, "I thought that آپ were looking rather plump but I was afraid to mention it for fear of آپ getting mad at me." I laugh, "Haha! I wouldn't have hurt you, much. hehehe." Humphrey chuckles and stands up and kisses me on the lips. Just then we both hear Jade and Olivvianna calling from the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ and saying that رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا was ready. I open the door and call out, "One minuet!" Humphrey is already putting his cloths back on . I pick up mine and put them on. Then both of us walk out the door and to the kitchen.
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the official trailer to Seth MacFarlane's 'Ted 2' is finally out
okay, we're almost at the end of 2014 and right now, i'm gonna start working on my lists of the سب, سب سے اوپر 11 best and worst فلمیں that came out this year. and let me just say it right now: 2014's been a great سال for movies. so, i'm pretty sure i'm gonna have a hard time listing off my سب, سب سے اوپر 11 favorites, but i do got the feeling that the worst list's probably gonna be a lot easier to do. but even though 2014 was a great سال for فلمیں in general, i can't really say the same for the horror genre. my god, horror فلمیں of this سال were either boring, terrible یا a big let down. best horror movies...
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alpha and omega
posted by Charlie_Barkins
This is my first story so here goes..

Sage wakes up early in the morning and stretches "mmmmfff" he mumbles as he stretches. "Another morning alone in my den..." He says sullenly and then walks out to the entrance of his den. He see a young بھیڑیا down at the stream that he's liked for a while, her name was Ember, silver white coat, purple eyes, and a very nice proportioned body. He resides to get the guts to go down and speak too her, "hey, Ember. How are you?" She looks up at him from drinking and smiles and he notices a little blush in her fur. "Hey Sage I'm good, what are آپ up too this morning?"...
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We left off left when Humphrey had took his brother Lucas to an open den. Kate had gotten the pups. They had then went to sleep.

Kate wakes up and looks around. Humphrey was still asleep. Kate wakes him up and smiles. "Go get some food. It is your turn." Says Kate. "Really?" Complains Humphrey. "Yes." Responds Kate laughing quietly as to not wake up the pups.

Humphrey got up tiredly looked at Kate then walks out the door yawning. Humphrey goes in front of the woods to see Moone standing there mumbling about mating with Hunter. Lucas walks up behind Humphrey. "Hello brother. What are آپ up to?...
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posted by AlphaAlyssa
I know this will get a lot of crap from other members about "Ha ya right" but I don't care this is just a little poem for the pack and its troubled times, hopefully this brings some inspiration یا motivation for آپ guys.

(Music if آپ like موسیقی when آپ readlink

For our lost pack,

As we strive to make it through difficult times, hearing the wisdom of those who have struggled, questioned and dreamed before us can make the journey easier. When آپ feel the struggle is wearing آپ down, explore your mind for the things آپ enjoy, don't be afraid to do anything. Believe in you, and believe in...
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At the Demon dark den, Leon just walked in with his boss, Wolfo.

"I found آپ a alpha بھیڑیا SIR." کہا Leon.

"Good this one might just be good." کہا Wolfo as we was rolling his paw up Kate's neck. As soon as they left Kate yelled loudly.

Meanwhile Humphrey, Dylan, Neon, and Blake ran into a demon بھیڑیا and fallowed it to the ddd. They went in easily for some odd reason. Humphrey sniffed and caught Kate's sent. As they ran they found Leon and fought him and then he کہا that آپ better hurry to find her. They found a door and Humphrey کہا "I should fight him alone."

"NO" کہا everyone.

It was too...
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posted by TheAnonMessage
We must stress, these rules will NOT take affect. These are just the Anons version of rules for this club. The only way they would take affect is if the people of this club agree to them.

Rule 1: This club loves پرستار fiction. It doesn't have to be on-topic, but it does have to at least include the characters of the movie, wolves, یا furries. Noticed I کہا "or".

It doesn't have to include all of those things. This rule applies to anything آپ post on here.

NOTICE: This rule does not apply to the wall. آپ can speak freely on the دیوار as long as it doesn't cause any drama, یا is hating on someone...
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`kate?`said humprey. kate was just beginning to wake up from their visit to silent hill. `kate?`he کہا again. finally, kate woke up.`humphrey? what happened? where are we?`said kate.`were home.`said humprey. `how was i knocked out?`said kate. `we were in silent hill.`said humphrey. (flash back) *a crazy giant monster throws kate into thewall* `HOLY SHIT!`humphrey screamed. (present) `ok so tell me what happened.`said kate. (in the past, back before kate and humphrey went to silent hill.) humphrey was driving kate to her dads funeral after he died. `ok so here we make a left, right?`said humphrey. `i think`said kate. she was closing her eyes, trying to get some sleep. (later) that left turn humphrey took, lead them into silent hill. *the radio gives off static* `what the hell?`humphrey said. he saw a girl in the road! *the car swivels off the road and crashes.* kate and humphrey are both knocked out, in a car, in SILENT HILL.
meanwhile at jasper park at 2pm(noon walk to the howling rock). I was making my way to the howling rock where all the wolves had howled. so i was going over for the night and howl there. me:well i hope i will meet someone there tonight!. humphrey out of nowhere humphrey:hey who are you?" me: me? i'm john alpha بھیڑیا and who are you?" humphrey:me my name is humphrey and nice to meet آپ john." me: yes nice to meet آپ too humphrey". both looked at each other and walked to moonlight howl rock together and both of them found their mates. kate:hey humphrey are ready my love?". humphrey:yes i'm ready"....
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Okay. We all know, that in the past few months, this club had been trolled, there have been rude people, etc. And I find that most of it comes down to me. But, I want to say, I am sorry for acting a bit immature the other night. I have problems. But I grew up in a screwed up family and life. I can't see a therapist. And so on. So, when people get into fights that have nothing to do with me, and then bring ME into THEIR situation, and tell me that I am immature, annoying, a troll, etc., I get upset because I don't know why they would bring me into a situation that had nothing to do with the...
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