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“Life with Wolves” Chapter 2: School Troubles 1/2

Mack’s (me) P.O.V

10 منٹ later…

After licensing to two مزید songs (not going to say what they are cause I can’t think of any) I arrived at the school, when I got off my bike to lock it to the bike rack I saw my 5 Best دوستوں Mike, James, Keith, John, and Nick standing سے طرف کی the door to the school passing a ball to each other.

Now guest I’m going have to tell آپ guys what their like well I’ll go one سے طرف کی one I guest. (So no one asks yes we like to wear black, white and grey) oh and we all know how to the play piano.

Mike is the brown...
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posted by Xero_Pyramid206
This plot is similar to Silent ہل, لندن 2. Its been 2 years since Humphrey died of disease, leaving Kate in a vortex of depression and dispair. However, One دن Kate received a letter from him. It told her to come to their special place in Silent Hill.

Kate took a deep breath as she stepped out of her car and faced the fog-shrouded path before her.

I cant believe im actually doing this.... Humphrey CANT be alive because he is DEAD! And what did he mean سے طرف کی "Our Special Place?" We did so many things here. This is gonna be tough.

All these thoughts were racing through Kate's mind as she began walking...
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Kate & Humphrey Adventures.
Fall of 2011 Chapter 8. Part 1 of 4. “Season finale!”

Note: Read the Promo for they very first part of the season finale!

    "By baby." Humphrey sighed as Kate disappeared in the fog. She left Humphrey in-charge of the guard alphas. He was assigned to make sure they are always focused and awake. Hutch was the only one in charge of the two fighting groups. Since Kate had to leave so quickly, she had no time to assign another alpha as team 2's leader. A half گھنٹہ later, Kate and her team made it through the northern wolves territory. They...
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posted by JennyWolve
All I remember was me playingwith my twin Lilly and my other sister Kate in the ماند, خلوت خانہ while Mom (eve) went out to go pee. Winston was out hunting so we were all alone. We started playng Hide and go seek. I ran away to hide. I climbed up a درخت in the distance, and then I waited quitly.Then I heard pawsteps. "pst! Lilly is that you?" I leaned over to check. then suddenly "agh!!!" I fell. I dizzely looked upfrom the ground and found a human. he had a camera, and a beret کے, باریٹ and black sunglasses. he was towering over me and then he picked me up and carried me over his shoulder. "agh! help! Lilly! Kate! Mom! Dad!" BAMM!!! he nocked me uncoshis....

-to be continued...
posted by darkalpha
The tale of Shadow the lone wolf:

a jet black بھیڑیا with red eyes named shadow decided to go out for a walk in the middle of the winter he wasnt مزید then a سال old and he saw a grey rabbit
running سے طرف کی so he decided to go after it so he got down close the the ground as quietly as he could and started to اقدام towards the grey rabbit and as soon as
he got close enough he pounced at it and cought it

"wow that was pretty easy" shadow thought as he chuckled alittle and started to eat the rabbit

after just a few منٹ he was full and continued on his walk again but he saw something in the distance that...
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posted by sebator
It was an ordinary دن in Jasper Park Canada when a meteor شاور began!

1 گھنٹہ BEFORE the meteor shower
Hey guys آپ want to go log sledding?
Yeah in for it Humphrey
Ok Let’s find a suitable log to sled down the hill
15 منٹ later
GIVE us some wind salty
OH yeah
Wait slow it down a bit
How am I supposed to do that?
Well simply just come sit down again.
Oh ok *bam as they crash into a rock*
See why آپ should have sat down says Humphrey when he gets بھیڑیا piled. * muffled voice *
Get off me NOW PLEASE!
Oh sorry was just a random بھیڑیا pile.
5 منٹ before the meteor shower
*Humphrey looks up at the sky*...
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Kate & Humphrey Adventures.
Fall of 2011 Chapter 6.
Part 2 of 2. “Where is Lilly?”

Warning: The following content contains semi sexual, minor swearing, and bloody scenes. Part 2 contains some parts of rape, which goes into a bit of detail.

    The pack raced to the border to find 3 wolves sitting there protecting their land. Hutch and Garth easily plowed through them leaving them too wounded to move. The pack reached another place where wolves were. Instead of 3, there were 72. Kate knew she only had 61, so she tried to reason with them and have them give Lilly back....
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posted by TheChriZ1995
A/N: Wow two chapters a دن so far, آپ may of have found the last chapter to be sad so here's one مزید on the happy side.

April 7th 2009

Humphrey's Age: 11 months

Humphrey's POV

I woke up and found myself under a dead tree, at first I was confused as of how I got there but then it came back to me along with the sadness. I started to tear up once again.

"Come on Humphrey, be strong" I کہا comforting myself

I got up and crawled out from under the tree, it was still dark out but I could see the light from the sun starting to appear over the distant mountains. I was...
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posted by TheChriZ1995
A/N: Now for a little مزید drama, oh boy.
April 6th 2009
Humphrey's age: 11 Months

Humphrey's POV

I was exploring the pack territory on my own, which is what I would do when I want to clear my thoughts. I was old enough now that I could wander outside without having my parents to watch me. Over the times I have explored I have found the territory was quite hilly and mountainous in some areas. There was a small valley that was in the middle which was where the main ماند, خلوت خانہ area was located. I also met a lot of other wolves that lived in the pack, I was...
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posted by TheChriZ1995
A/N: Now here's where the real story begins
June 17th 2008
Humphrey's age: A month

Humphrey's POV

It's been a ماہ since I was born into the world and already I was enjoying things. I opened my eyes for the first time about two weeks پہلے and I have stayed in the ماند, خلوت خانہ for whole time since then. I didn't mind it though because my mom would keep me entertained as well as my dad when he would come ہوم from his Alpha duties. My mother's name was Sally, she was grey furred and had blue eyes. She was always سے طرف کی my side since she was an Omega and didn't have...
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the love of the misunderstood

were misunderstood
but look under the hood
and you'll see who we are
were here
we don't fear
we have traveled near and far

so tear us open but beware
there are things inside without a care
you all stain us in your eyes
but the putrid smell are your thought and flies
you kill us but she still loves me
you meme us but she still loves me
you would hurt us if آپ could
you would hurt the love of the misunderstood

caught سے طرف کی the wheels
that don't understand how feel
and how we are misunderstood
we love
were sent from heaven above
ou kill our love if آپ could

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posted by HumphreyAlpha
Out on the water, one of the best things to do is have a nice dinner, so, when I decided to propose to my Sweets, that's what I decided to do.
So on our اگلے interaction with civilization, I dropped سے طرف کی a gourmet food place, picked up some amazing سامن, سالمن fillets, Tony Chachres seasoning, which I had always loved, and some fresh پالک leaves, tomatoes, garlic, and gouda cheese. The other stop I made was to a jewelery store.
When I explained that the girl I loved wasn't much of a ring wearer(wink), he showed me a ہار on a thin سونا chain. The pendant was a white سونا دل with a large,...
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posted by HumphreyAlpha
Alright guys, it's almost time for Kate to have her own set of wheels, but Jon and Kate can't decide on what they want. So they came to me and asked what I thought would be safe, easy to drive, and good for a new driver. I put a lot of thought into it, and below are the five cars I believe would be the best for our special Alpha friend.

2007 Mazda MX-5 کوپ, coupe
Body Style: Coupe
Seats: 2
Engine: 2.0 liter I4
Horsepower: 158 bhp
Transmission: 5 speed manual

2005 Chevy Cobalt SS
Body Style: Coupe
Seats: 4
Engine: 2.0 liter Supercharged I4
Horsepower: 205 bhp
Transmission: 5 speed maual

2005 Ford مستونگ, mustang GT:...
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Kate & Humphrey Adventures.
Spring Of 2011 Part 1. "Kate's School."

Ever since the marriage, Kate and Humphrey have been the happiest wolves in the pack. Garth and Lilly haven't been spending too much time together, which is severely hurting their marriage. Lilly mostly spends time with her parents and when Humphrey is gone she hangs out with Kate. Garth has been helping his dad out around the ماند, خلوت خانہ trying to make his dads life easier. When winter was over and the spring flowers came out, Kate has been teaching Humphrey how to hunt. She started him off on smaller animals like Pika and racoons....
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(this song is dedicated to sentinel بھیڑیا but is written سے طرف کی metal بھیڑیا and metal بھیڑیا only. any violation to this song will result in prison)

May this song give آپ strength my friend and know that there are people on this sight that really care for you


dont give in to the sickness
that was made to take آپ away
(just give in to me)
you have done nothing wrong
but it still wants آپ to pay
(just give in to me)

dont let the voices give آپ the sign
the shouting and screaming they say

come on my friend آپ must defy the illness
come get up and defy the illness...
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the entire story will be told from humphreys and kates pov unless i decide to add a twist.

1 دن ago:

humphreys pov:

me and kate had just goten married and have found a lovely ماند, خلوت خانہ only about a 1/4 of a mile from kates parents den(well technigally they are my parents to now) and have setteled in nicely to the neigborhood and i was sitting in while kate was off hunting for the packs and so i decided to go visit my sister in-law lily while garth was hunting as well and ask her how she and him are doing (ps there married and live together too) when i got there i saw lily sleep ing so i decided not...
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Humphrey's POV.

I looked at my brother standing across from me. Kate taped my shoulder. I looked at her.
"Humphrey, he looks just like you." she said. I nodded.
"I know. He's my brother." I told her. Seth started laughing.
"Remeber when we used to trick mom and dad so many times Humhrey?" He laughed. I shook my head. I could not remeber all that. Too much pain.
"Just give me back my pups, Seth." I ordered putting anger in it.
"And what if I don't?" He snarled.
"Then I will have to kill you." I said. I got into a fighting position.
"Then let's fight little brother." Seth snarled. He got down...
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When garth awoke he found himself bound سے طرف کی chains to two trees in a secluded, dark part of the woods, barely able to speak, barely able to move; bleeding and cut, broken, beat and scarred; his only thought was "at least i will be with lily again". He danced this thought around in his mind for the lonely remainder of 2 hours before Kayne came in to say his piece and make facing life even مزید difficult.

Kayne: " well it seems like آپ can't do anything now, آپ cannot even protect your own woman!" he کہا while laughing ecstatically.

Kayne: "what should we do with آپ i wonder?: Starve you, drown...
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UPDATE:I Will not really use * to دکھائیں certain non text events also i changed my name to Darren(Its better than Tag سے طرف کی far)
I Was waking up from my sleep i went to wipe the sleep that was near my eyes i licked my فر, سمور کوٹ and standed up slowly
“Oh i left the TV on”i say grabbing the remote to turn off the TV
As i went to turn it off i heard a Gunshot i immediately ran outside to investigate then i seen a Poacher that was holding a Shotgun on the floor was Jacob who was bleeding heavily
“YOU WILL DIE”i say angrily
A rage inside me made me Pounce And Bite So hard on the neck that is broken...
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Me and Kate confronted Garth and asked why he left. " I wanted nothing to do with my fathers death. All I would have done is sit around for days thinking how I could of prevented the incident." He کہا in a way that made us remember Tony's death. "You could not have prevented it Garth. Not even if....." I was interupted سے طرف کی Mitch coming onto the back porch with the burgers.

"Here آپ go, rare and still bloody." He کہا as he handed each of us one. It was weird at first because Garth, Kate and I were not used to eating food that was not killed منٹ before eating it. Even Sandy got a burger...
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