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posted by BlairChuckFan
There so many quotes that I love from B.Davis & here are most of them!

Brooke:The bad guys lie to get in your bed; the good guys lie to get in your heart.

Brooke:This is our new post-game party palace. All it needs is a P. Sawyer makeover, a little paint, couple of those creepy nobody-understands-me drawings that آپ do and a batch of hot boys.

Brooke:And once آپ lose yourself, آپ have two choices: find the person آپ used to be... یا lose that person completely...

Brooke:Next time, make it hurt bitch.

Brooke:Go Brooke yourself.

Haley:Hi. We didn't recognise the address. We wont buy anything....
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posted by ellie-scott
-The bad guys lie to get in your bed; the good guys lie to get in your heart.

-And once آپ lose yourself, آپ have two choices: find the person آپ used to be... یا lose that person completely...

-Next time, make it hurt bitch.

-Someone once said; "It's the good girls who keep diaries. The bad girls never have the time." Me? I just wanna live a life I'm gonna remember, even if I don't write it down.

-I wanted آپ to fight for me. And tell me that آپ would rather be alone than with anyone else!

-I can’t breath. There’s no room with Chris’s ego!

-I'm not the most eloquent speaker, so I thought...
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posted by othluver
Brooke is my پسندیدہ character and she has some great scenes so here are my سب, سب سے اوپر 10

1. "I hear birds" In this episode brooke takes to many pian killers and gets druged and is truly hilarious this episode is when i first started to love her

2. "sleeping bitchy" this scene is from an episode in season 3 and she comes into peytons room while shes still asleep and writes there فہرست of boys for the party shes great in this scene.

3, "why dont آپ ever let me all the way in" Sophia بش does sooooo good in this scene and آپ really see how brooke is feeling and i love this scene for her.

4. "so whos...
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 Brilliant, brave and beautiful
Brilliant, brave and beautiful
Within each Pisces, there lies a resolute optimism, a nearly psychic intuition and a fertile imagination that allows her to appreciate the mysteries of life.

Sometimes I wish I can be a Brooke Davis. There are so many things to admire and respect about her. I remember that before I ever watched OTH, I was flipping the channels and stumbled upon Season 2 where Sophia بش (I've always thought she was very pretty), was talking to a good-looking Hispanic guy while washing his car. She was flirting with him and I was instantly drawn to her smile. She was the very reason I bought a DVD of seasons...
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The songs that i write some relate to Lucas and her past life but they just remind me of her and how great she is!!

Im just a girl - Not sure about Who sings..
Promise in the dark - Keri hilson
Beautiful - Akon
Complicated - Avril Lavgine
If i was a boy - Beyonce
Piece of me - Britney Spears
Wannabe - SpiceGirls
Fighter - Christina Augleria
I'll be your crying shoulder - Goo Goo Dolls
Untouched - The Veronicas
Invisible - Jennifer Hudson
Hot'n'Cold - Kate Perry
I wanna love آپ - The Manie
Hero - Mariah Carey
Make it through the rain - Mariah Carey
She will be loved - Maroon 5
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posted by CheeryDavis
I don't know if آپ guys have heard, but apparently the new 33 سیکنڈ sneak peek of brulian is causing major controversy! Apparently, and i've seen it with my own eyes, they are saying that since Brooke hooked up with Julian so quickly that she is a slut! Yeah go figure! My thoughts on this is, who cares! Brooke is only 22, she has not been with a guy since season 4 and no offense but they are like 22, at 22 آپ are supposed to be having fun and exploring your sexuality what is so wrong with that! i mean everybody else on the دکھائیں gets to be happy, so why start on brooke for being happy too!...
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posted by tareva1451
Brooke..... where do i start well tonights episode was very painful to watch i feel just horrible for brooke she is one of the most brilliant beautiful and brave characters on the دکھائیں and yet she is in such a bad place now. I nearly cried when i first saw her face in tonights episode. That robbery/attack really did a number on her both phyisaclly and emotionally. It is almost ironic to see brooke like this she is normally so upbeat and outgoing and though she still manged to stumble out a joke here یا there in tonights episode her pain was undeniable! In the scene with her and Deb in the store...
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posted by always-forever
#2. Brooke Davis [One درخت Hill]

Debuting at #2 this year, Brooke is pretty new to motherhood but that doesn’t make her any less competent than some of the older moms onscreen. Brooke received her first taste of maternal responsibility when she was appointed godmother to Haley and Nathan’s son Jamie. Loving the fulfilment and happiness that Jamie provided in her life, Brooke knew that the one thing she wanted out of life was to be a mom – regardless of whether it was biological یا not. From her own childhood and dramatic relationship with her mother, Brooke knew that being a mother wasn’t...
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Her first appearance on the دکھائیں is in the backseat of Lucas' car after he won his first باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال game. She was half-naked, changing into her civilian and seducing him. He took her home, aware that she is Peyton's best friend. Brooke found him sweet, as she tells Peyton the اگلے day, and says, "I think it''ll be so much fun when he sleeps with me!" And there it was: she was the "flirt" (and every story has one.) The thing that is so amazing about Brooke Davis is she evolved from that superficial nickname to a whole better person. She was also surprisingly smart in her ways and can comfort...
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I will and always love Brucas forever no doubt about that but i love Brooke Davis so much and i hated it when she was sad یا lonely یا unhappy because she is such a special person with a دل of gold, and so strong and tuff it makes me sad to see her cry.

We all know at the start of season 1 of OTH she was a person with a shallow mind who only cared for drinking and hooking up with guys, some teenagers are like this and some are not, but sometimes in life the way آپ have been brought up یا haven’t been brought up impacts the way آپ see یا do things, so being Brooke Davis i think we can...
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posted by Leightonfan
Brooke Penelope Davis is the beautiful, perky but often misunderstood brunette of درخت Hill, North Carolina. The only daughter of the wealthy Davis family, she never wanted for anything, and always looked fabulous doing it. Brooke's parents, although very well off, were also very absent for most of their daughter's childhood and adolescent years. The lack of authority in her life, caused for Brooke's high school years to be full of parties, drinking, and promiscuity.

When their money situation took a drastic turn for the worse, the Davis family relocated to New York City. To keep Brooke with...
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posted by 1treehillfan
As told سے طرف کی Mark Shwann himself, Brooke Davis was meant to bring a lighter side to the show. Even from the first two episodes آپ began to see darkness in ALL the characters (Peyton with her art, Lucas and his dan situation, Nathan and his Dan situation, and Haley seemed mysterious, like there was something we didn't know). So, with all of this mystery and darkness in the show, they needed someone fun, hot, and typical. But, as the دکھائیں grew on آپ began to see under her appearance as miss superficial, bitchy, مقبول slut and begin to see something مزید in her. We learn مزید about her in season...
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posted by SophiaBrookefan
Mouth: (at podium) I'll speak for her. We just heard Principal Turner read a فہرست of Erica's accomplishments. I could try to do that for Brooke, but it would be kind of a short speech... As آپ know, Brooke's probably one of the most مقبول people in school. Something I'm definitely not... and yet, she's my friend. She never cared what clique I was part of, the kinds of clothes I wore or... the fact that I have to ride the bus... She looked past that stuff. And when آپ think about it, isn't that what we want in our president; someone who can see past the superficial differences and bring...
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posted by Laurencia7
ok, Ok I know about Teams, I know some ship. But isn't loving Brooke open to all? There are a few who don't, there are a few who do...but ultimately loving Brooke does not mean we have to pick one Couple Team یا another.

Brooke Davis, I can safely say, is an شبیہ to all us all. Her humor, her wit, determination, fire. But above all her love. Love capable of great things. Forgiveness, understanding, loyalty. So why can't we all just try to keep the 'shipping' to the other sites....and keep the Loving Brooke Davis site, the BROOKE DAVIS SPOT.

It is about honoring Brooke, respecting her, and believing...
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شائقین of The CW's "One درخت Hill" can rest easy. The دکھائیں has received a full order for the season. Things are also looking promising for "Vampire Diaires" and cautiously optimistic for "Melrose Place."

The network raised "One درخت Hill's" order from 13 episodes to a full 22 on Wednesday. At the same time, they picked up nine additional scripts for freshman drama "Vampire Diaries" and asked for six مزید "Melrose Place Scripts."

Neither the "One درخت Hill" nor the "Vampire Diaries" news is particularly surprising considering their solid early numbers. "Melrose Place" has not been an out-of-the-gate success, but the network has a lot invested in the "90210" companion piece and are hoping the addition of original cast member Heather Locklear to the mix come November will help turn things around.
posted by othluver
Brooke is ovisouly an amazing character whos سیم, پھلی rich pretty much her whole life with thanks to her mother who was absent in brookes life as she grew up, then in season 5 we meet victoria who is pretty much just a کتیا, کتيا and is mean and controlling to brooke, and is in her life now only because of her successful company. brooke who wants a mother so bad keeps trying to be close to her although knowone understands why she lets her bose her around she just wants a mother. But of course victoria keeps be rude and unthoughtful to her example the scene when brooke tells her she loves her and victoria says whatever *sobs* But when brooke gets sick of her stink of a mom she fires her from the company which was hard but nessary! i really hope victoria either changes یا leaves because brooke deserves a wayyyyyyy better mom.
posted by SophiaBrookefan
The bad guys lie to get in your bed;the good guys lie to get in your heart.

And once آپ lose yourself,you have two choices:
find the person آپ used to be...or lose that person completely...

Next time,make it hurt bitch.

I can’t breath.There’s no room with Chris’s ego!
Someone once said;
"It's the good girls who keep diaries.
The bad girls never have the time."
Me?I just wanna live a life I'm gonna remember,
even if I don't write it down.

I'm not the most eloquent speaker,so I thought I would borrow a few words from Shakespeare.
'Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.'
When life...
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posted by SophiaBrookefan
Brooke: How long's it been?
Peyton: About an hour.
Brooke: آپ کہا that last time I asked.
Peyton: Well, hon, that was thirty سیکنڈ ago.

Brooke: Sorry... Okay. Peyton, do آپ want to know why I came home? Besides to help you. I am 22 years old and I have made مزید money than I could ever hope to spend and I have never felt مزید alone in my life. آپ need to talk to him Peyton. Just talk to him. And if آپ let the fact that Lucas کہا 'I do' today to Lindsey while he was obviously lying to his own دل be the reason that آپ sit here and cry, I am gonna ذائقہ, مارنا آپ across your pretty face.

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