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Hajiman bangtansonyeondani jingyeokhandamyeon eotteolkka?

Bang! Tan! So! Nyeon! Dan!

Jingyeokhae bang! Tan! Sonyeondancheoreom
Jingyeokhae bang! Tan! Sonyeondancheoreom
Jingyeokhae bang! Tan! Sonyeondancheoreom
Jingyeokhae bang! Tan! Sonyeondancheoreom

Jingyeok yonggamhaji?

Yonggamhan bangtansonyeondan ingi yeoksi yonggamhage ge ge get it
Nan raepgoemul, kkalligo kkallin raeptoemuldeureul da sseureobeoryeo gappunhage be be beat it
Gasa? Wanjeon sindeullyeotji 24/7 eonjena nan gutae
Mwotdo eopgo meotdo eomneun aedeuri oneuldo buryeodaeneun jeo chutae

Nae du bari boran deusi gyeongjeogeul ullyeo,...
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posted by yui1234
[Intro: RM]
I'm exhausted man
Oh, guess what?
I just want to go home

[Verse 1: Jimin, RM]
미칠듯한 설레임에
인사조차 못했어 (yeah, right)
Yeah I’m going out baby
온 세상이 내 집

[Verse 2: V, RM]
Crazy for myself (yeah)
저 문을 열면 뭐든 다 될 것처럼 (right)
마치 무슨 본때를 보여줄 것처럼 (uh huh)
집을 나섰지
(이 모든 상상이 다 신기루로 끝나지 않길)

[Verse 3: RM]
Oh yeah I did it, me shine with flashin' lights
Got lotta friends, 고즈넉한 내 공간
그래 기억해 뭐든 다 할 수 있을 것만 같던 때
I saw the ocean yeah 이 문을...
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[Verse 1: V]
내가 날 눈치챘던 순간
떠나야만 했어
난 찾아내야 했어
All دن all night

[Verse 2: Jimin]
사막과 바다들을 건너
넓고 넓은 세계를
헤매어 다녔어
Baby I

[Refrain: Jungkook]
I could make it better
I could hold آپ tighter
그 먼 길 위에서
Oh you’re the light

[Verse 4: V]
초대받지 못한
환영받지 못한
나를 알아줬던 단 한 사람

[Pre-Chorus: Jungkook, Jin, Jimin]
끝도 보이지 않던 영원의 밤
내게 아침을 선물한 건 너야
이제 그 손 내가 잡아도 될까
Oh oh
I can make it right

[Chorus: Jungkook, Jimin]
All right
All right...
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[Verse 1: V]
The moment I noticed myself
I had to leave
I had to find out
All دن all night

[Verse 2: Jimin]
Across the desert and the sea
This wide, wide world
I was wandering
Baby I

[Refrain: Jungkook]
I could make it better
I could hold آپ tighter
On that long road
Oh you're the light

[Verse 4: V]
The only one who recognized me

[Pre-Chorus: Jungkook, Jin, Jimin]
This eternal night with no end in sight
It's آپ who gifted me the morning
Now it it ok if I can hold that hand?
Oh oh
I can make it right

[Chorus: Jungkook, Jimin]
All right
All right
Oh I can make it right

[Chorus: Jungkook, Jimin, V]
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나는 내 인생을 모두 요구해왔다
어쩌면 평생 동안 내 문제에 대한 해결책을 찾을 수 없습니다
내가 몇 마디로 대답 할 수 있다면
하나님은 아름다움을 묘사하는 무수한 단어를 창조하지 않으실 것입니다
How آپ feel? 지금 어떻게 느끼니?

사실, 나는 매우 행복하다. 그러나 나는 조금 불편하다
나는 개나 돼지인지 아직도 모르겠다
다른 누군가가 나에게 진주 목걸이를 찾아왔다
나는 전에보다 더 자주 웃는다
한 번 슈퍼 영웅이되는 꿈
마침내 이제는 실현 될 것으로...
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[Verse 1: V]
Oeroumi gadeukhi
Pieoissneun i garden
I moraeseonge nan nal maeeosseo

[Verse 2: Jungkook]
Neoui ireumeun mwonji
Gal gosi issgin hanji
Oh could آپ tell me?
I jeongwone sumeodeun neol bwasseo

[Pre-Chorus: Jin]
And I know
Neoui ongin modu da jinjjaran geol
Pureun kkocheul kkeokkneun son
Jabgo sipjiman

[Chorus: Jimin]
Nae unmyeongin geol
Don't smile on me
Lie to me
Neoege dagaseol su eopseunikka
Naegen bulleojul ireumi eopseo

[Post-Chorus: Jungkook]
You know that I can't
Show آپ me
Give آپ me
Chorahan moseub boyeojul sun eopseo
Tto gamyeoneul sseugo neol mannareo ga
But I still want you

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posted by Nalu-love
[JIN] First, it’s a diet so the taste….isn’t great ㅠㅠㅠㅠ There’s not much that goes in it…

We usually don’t سب, سب سے اوپر the egg with سٹیک sauce but mm…shall we say…it’s not very visually appealing so we drizzled just a teensy bit..just for today. One spoonful amounts to only 15 calories so really, آپ can pour on a lot if آپ prefer ㅇㅇ

The spontaneous completed shot happened because.. I made a mistake of forgetting to pour زیتون oil while cooking the egg, so it was on the verge of sticking to the pan and burning! So I couldn’t take that تصویر pardon me haha

My mother always...
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posted by k-on1998
[Verse 1: RM]
Ibyeoreun naege tieo
Nado moreuge nae nunga wie pieo
Chae naebaetji mothan yaegideuri heureugo
Miryeoni naui eolgul wireul gieo
Naege neon hanttaeneun naui dear
Hajiman ijen sseugiman han beer
Ttaeneujeun jagihyeomoro eollukjin simjangeun
Seuchineun jeo baramedo bieo
Ibyeoreun geojitppunideon naui yeongeuk kkeute
Ogoya maratdeon naui daetga
Nugunga siganeul doedollyeojundamyeon
Eojjeom naega jom deo soljikal su isseosseulkka
Naman aneun naui geu maeneolguldo
Chuhago chorahan nae anui oraen beotdeuldo
Nareul bodeon geu misoro yeojeonhi neon nareul
Geureoke tto saranghaejul su isseosseulkka
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posted by k-on1998
[Verse 1]
Mueonga kkaejineun sori
Nan mundeuk jameseo kkae
Nasseoreum gadeukhan sori
Gwireul maga bojiman jamel deulji mothae

Mogi jakku apawa
Gamssa boryeohajiman
Naegen moksoriga
Eopseo oneuldo geu soril deureo

Tto ulligoisseo geu soriga
Ieoreo buteun hosue tto geumi ga
Geu hosue naega nal beoryeot jana
Nae moksoril neol wihae mudeot jana

[Verse 2]
Nal beorin gyeoul hosu wiro
Dukkeoun eoreumi eoreot ne
Jamshi deureogan kkum sogedo
Nareul goeropineun hwansang tongeun yeojeonae

Naneun nal ireun geolkka
Anim neol ireun geolkka
Na mundeuk hosuro dallyeoga
Ogeu soge nae eolgul isseo

Butakhae amu maldohaji ma
Ibeul mageuryeo soneul ppeodeo bojiman
Bojiman gyeolguk en eonjenga bomiwa
Eoreumdeureun noga naeryeo heulleo ga

Tell me nae moksoriga gajjaramyeon
Nal beoriji marasseoyahaetneunji
Tell me gotongjocha gajjaramyeon
Geu ttae naega mueolhaeyahaetneunji
“ireum, ireum!” sorry bae
“bareum, bareum!” sorry bae
“diksyeon, diksyeon, diksyeon!” sorry bae
“Oh, face not an idol..” sorry bae

sumswigo isseoseo I’m sorry bae
neomu geonganghaeseo I’m sorry bae
bangsonghapnida I’m sorry bae
Errthing errthing errthing
Sorry bae
jigeum naega naeneun sori bae
nugungaegen gaesori bae
kkaneun paeteon jom bakkuji bae
jiruhaejillakae boring bae
ijen niga an miwo
ijen niga an miwo sorry bae
bugi dwaejulge gyang ssege chigo mareo
geurae haeboja samulnori bae
nan goemul, neomu gireo kkori bae
eochapi neon nal ssoji bae
geureol baen pyeonhae dongmurwoni bae
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Take me to the sky

Put your hands up to the sky
Yeah, if آپ feelin’ the vibe
Uh, if you’re ready to fly
Yo J, let’s do it

eoril jeogui nal gieokhae
keun geokjeongi eopseotgie
i jageun gitteori nalgaega doel geosigo
geu nalgaero naraboge haejul georan
mideum, sinnyeom gadeuk cha isseosseo
useumsoriwa hamkke

gaji mallaneun gireul gago
haji mallaneun ireul hago
wonhaeseon an doel geol wonhago
tto sangcheobatgo, sangcheobatgo
You can call me stupid
geureom nan geunyang ssik hago utji
nan naega hagi silheun illo
seonggonghagin silheo
nan nal mireo

nan nal mideo nae deungi apeun geon
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posted by k-on1998
All the underdogs in the world
A دن may come when we lose
But it is not today
Today we fight!

No not today
eonjenga kkocheun jigetji
But no not today
geu ttaega oneureun aniji
[SG/RM] No no not today
ajigeun jukgien
Too good day
No no not today
[SG/JH] No no no [SG/RM] not today

geurae urineun extra
But still part of this world
Extra plus ordinary
geugeotto byeol geo anyeo
oneureun jeoldae jukji mara
bicheun eodumeul ttulko naga
sae sesang neodo wonhae
Oh baby yes I want it

naragal su eopseum ttwieo
Today we will survive
ttwieogal su eopseum georeo
Today we will survive
georeogal su eopseum gieo
gieoseorado gear up...
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 BTS at the Magenta Carpet
BTS at the Magenta Carpet
سے طرف کی Marian Liu, CNN

Updated 0019 GMT (0819 HKT) May 23, 2017

K-pop group BTS accepts سب, سب سے اوپر Social Artist onstage during the 2017 Billboard موسیقی Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

(CNN) The name BTS may not be familiar to the majority of Americans, but that didn't stop the South Korean boy band from making history Sunday night, when they became the first K-pop group to clinch a Billboard موسیقی Award.
Beating out US پسندیدہ Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes, BTS scooped the سب, سب سے اوپر Social Artist award at a lavish ceremony in the T-Mobile Arena in...
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[Important note: The following theory and all subsequent theories/explanations for the HYYH Trilogy have been published on this site back in July 2016, so before the Wings short films were released — and confirmed all this was indeed accurate.

The HYYH Trilogy is simply a coming of age story. It tells the struggles the boys are facing while transitioning from childhood to adulthood, from being caterpillars to being butterflies (chrysalis stage). But it’s even مزید so the story of Jin struggling with his own metamorphosis, trying to return to the “pretend world” of Neverland where he...
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The golden maknae threw the first ever opening pitch for BTS!

Recently, it was reported that BTS is throwing their first ever opening pitch at Hanshin Tigers vs. Hokkaido Nippon-Ham game in Japan on June 2.

As reported, all members of BTS attended the game wearing Hanshin Tigers' jerseys, and out of the 7 members, maknae Jungkook was the one to throw the opening pitch.

Credits to ALLKPOP for this informative article. link
“As Long As You're Here, I Won't Give Up”


Written by:Cassie Eugene”TaeBamLuEop” with help and concept ideas سے طرف کی ”memegyu”

“As Long As You're Here, I Won't Give Up”
““ Hey, I want that green one.””

    Dark mocha brown eyes glanced down at the coloring sheet on his desk, a sparkly green crayon in his tiny hand.
    “ Hey.” The boy looked up to be met with bright مالٹا, نارنگی hair and round glasses, not to mention a dumb smile. “I want that green one.”
    “Um, I'm using this one...I think Taehyung has...
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posted by GDragon612
Welcome, first time to BTS?

Ayo ladies & gentleman
If you’re ready, we’ll sing, yeah!
Unlike the other guys
My style, ma ma ma my style, ayo!

I worked all night everyday
When آپ were out clubbing, yeah
Don’t be surprised but listen, everyday
I got a feel, I got a feel
I’m kinda dope!

We’re drenched, drenched, drenched in sweat, in our practice room
Look, my great, great, great dance moves prove it all
All the weak, loser, whiny idiots
They have nothing on me cuz I’m full of hope haha

Okay, we’re dope from head to toe
Over half of the day, we drown in work
Even if our youth rots in the studio...
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posted by k-on1998
Nun-eul tteunda eodum sog na
Simjang-i ttwineun soli nachseol ttae
Maju bonda geoul sog neo
Geobmeog-eun nunbich haemug-eun jilmun

Eojjeomyeon nugungaleul salanghaneun geosboda
Deo eolyeoun ge na jasin-eul salanghaneun geoya
Soljighi injeonghal geon injeonghaja
Niga naelin jasdaedeul-eun neoege deo eomgyeoghadan geol
Ni salm sog-ui gulg-eun naite
Geu ttohan neoui ilbu, neoigie
Ijeneun na jasin-eul yongseohaja beoligien
Uli insaeng-eun gil-eo milo sog-eseon nal mid-eo
Gyeoul-i jinamyeon dasi bom-eun oneun geoya

Chagaun bam-ui siseon
Cholahan nal gamchulyeo
Mobsi dwicheog-yeossjiman

Jeo sumanh-eun byeol-eul...
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posted by k-on1998
[Intro: V, Jungkook]
Neol wihaeseoramyeon nan
Seulpeodo gippeun cheok hal suga isseosseo
Neol wihaeseolamyeon nan
Apado ganghan cheok hal suga isseosseo
Sarangi sarangmaneuro wanbyeokhagil
Nae modeun yakjeomdeureun da sumgyeojigil
Ilwojiji anhneun kkumsogeseo
Piul su eopsneun kkocheul kiwosseo

[Hook: Jimin, Jin]
I'm so sick of this fake love, fake love, fake love
I'm so sorry but it's fake love, fake love, fake love

[Verse 1: RM, RM & Jungkook, J-Hope]
I wanna be a good man just for you
Sesangeul jwossne just for you
Jeonbu bakkwosseo just for you
Now I don't know me, who are you?
Urimanui sup neoneun eopseosseo...
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posted by k-on1998
[Verse 1: V, Jungkook]
Geureol suman issdamyeon mureobogo sipeosseo
Geuttae wae geuraessneunji wae nal naejjochassneunji
Eotteon ireumdo eopsi yeojeonhi neol maemdone
Jakbyeori musaekhae geu byeonhameopsneun saekchae

[Verse 2: RM]
Naegen ireumi eobsguna
Nado neoui byeorieossneunde
Neon bichiraseo johgessda
Nan geureon neol badeul ppuninde
Muneojin wangseonge
Nameun myeongi mwon uimiga isseo
Jugeul ttaekkaji badgessji
Ni mudeoun siseon
Ajik nan neol dolgo byeonhan geon eobsjiman
Sarange ireumi eopsdamyeon
Modeun ge byeonhan geoya
Neon jeongmallo Erisreul chajanaen geolkka
Malhae naega jeo dalboda mothan ge mwoya...
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