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;D I love fall ouot boys and I just reminds them when i listen this :3 HOPE آپ LIKE IT! ^^
posted by AmaiSama
I ran as fast as I could on the long stone corridor lit سے طرف کی torches. Window after window, door after door, I ran. I could hear دل beat, my hurting breath as the lungs prayed me to stop to catch my breath. I couldn't stop running. I heard his steps behind me, coming to me, soon, it would be too late to stop. I had to find a way to escape from him, from his lust for me.

'You cannot escape' I heard his deep voice behind. 'You will be mine!'

I screamed in panic and my legs hurt so much that I almost fell on my knees. I wanted out of there, away from this darkness, from this nightmare.

I turned round...
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Source: Me, but base by: Xdei25
posted by SeurisChan
AYahz! :D Cheri X Lucifer!! In shcool thought! >.<
Enjoy! :D Can be hardcore too <3 Don't like, don't تبصرہ ^^'' easy!


Cheri walk to him class room and sit in chair. He try to clean up him hair and chance it look pretty and little bit girly. Sometimes teacher didn't know then, did he was girl یا boy.
"Hey, do آپ hear that new student?" Ooka say, Cheri's back. Cheri look Ooka and nobs.
"I think he name was Lucifer... right?"
"Yeah, he was.." Cheri say and smile. "I hope he is gonna be my new friend."
Door opened.
All students look in door and saw teacher Blaze there....
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Source: Me! :D