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This Damon & Elena آرٹ پرستار contains جلد, skintone, عریاں رنگ, جزوی ننگا پن تقاضا عریانیت, سکانٹنا, عریاں بدن رنگین, جزوی, and مضمر عریانیت.

damon salvatore
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Quote: "You know I can't live without her, Stefan." - D. Salvatore

Elena: If آپ die for me, even though I've told آپ not to, I will never forgive you.

Stefan: That's very harsh words, Elena.

Elena: I know and it's the truth. I am not gonna forgive آپ for dying, just so that I can live.

Stefan: But آپ deserve to be alive, Elena!

Elena: Maybe I do, but so do you.

Stefan: I've lived for so long... If I die, then it's ok. I'd rather leave this world than see Klaus take the life out of you.

Elena: That's so... So wrong.

Stefan: No, it's not wrong! It's the only thing that's right! And I'm gonna protect...
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We've all been there: there's a new interview with one of the producers یا Nina Dobrev that we can't wait to read. Of course the subject of Delena and the مثلث comes up. Will Elena ever reciprocate Damon's feelings? When will the مثلث really start? But what happens? Julie and Kevin سکرٹ, گھیرنا round the topic سے طرف کی giving an answer that is so vague, anyone who watches the دکھائیں could have دیا it. Sometimes they say mildly encouraging things about Damon and DE, but it often feels as if they want to make us think it won't happen at all. Nina isn't much better. Then they talk about SE. آپ want...
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