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Opinion by JAWS889 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
fan of it?
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Peace out Lovers
What up Luke Lovers?
We all know Luke is the best but do آپ agree?Well here are my reasons why he is the best.
Number one. He sings great
Number two. He Is HOT!!!
Number Three. He has great clothes.
Number four. His Hair Is AWESOME!!!
Number five. He is the lead singer.
Number six. His smile just makes آپ Light up!!!
Number seven. He is in a band.
Number eight. He has a great personality.
Number nine. He has a great accent!
Number ten. Hes just everything آپ could ever ask for!!!
Those are all my reason why we love Luke. آپ don't have to agree with me!!!

He has awesome songs that he sings in. Like Good girls,Don't Stop and much مزید songs and music. I just love all of they're songs!!! Do آپ at all?