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Brawl is سے طرف کی far the most mixed-quality game I’ve played this year. Many good points, many bad points.

Pretty much the same as Melee (the prequel), with the exception of the Smash Ball; which allows a character to perform an incredibly powerful attack, which often results in a 1-hit-kill. Another new feature is the Assist Trophies. They function exactly the same as pokeballs: a character comes out and either assists یا annoys you. Assist Trophies can be anything from Waluigi to Nintendog.
I don’t know quite what it is, but Brawl takes some getting used to if you’re used to playing...
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I only have one مزید week to go until the summer holidays, so here's what I'm listening to in anticipation of that. :)
wii sports resort
super mario
donkey kong
animal crossing
mario kart
the legend of zelda