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posted by Fitch
Some facts about each of the Straw Hat Pirates

*May contain spoilers

Monkey D. Luffy
Occupation: Pirate Captain
Bounty: 1.500,000,000 beli
Age: 19
Birthday: May 5
Height: 5'8½"
Devil Fruit: Gomu Gomu no Mi (Rubber)
Dream: To become the Pirate King
Colour: Red
Animal Resemblances: Monkey
Specific Smells: Smells like Meat
Favourite Type of Island and Season: Summer but considers snow to be great; Ultimately anywhere where there's meat
As a Family: Fourth son
Favourite Food: Meat

Roronoa Zoro
Occupation: Swordsman
Bounty: 320,000,000 beli
Birthday: November 11
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Dream: To become the...
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It's becoming مزید and مزید obvious that Monkey D Luffy is the future Pirate King, in the new opening song: "We Go" It shows Gol D Roger, the former Pirate King wearing Luffy's straw hat, then Shanks, who is one of the Yonko (not sure about spelling) and then Luffy.
Also his name; D, I keep hearing about the Will of D, but I'm still not sure what it is, but i think it has to do with becoming extremely powerful and having the ability to do the impossible and reach their dreams, I dunno, I'm just guessing.
Earlier on in the anime, when they were still in Logue Town, the bartender who once served...
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I know that there are a lot of people out there who want Hancock to شامل میں the Straw Hats. And she just might. But I'm just going to name a few reasons why she shouldn't...

I like the Crew the way that it is right now, and I know that there are a lot of people who agree with me. So, if anybody is going to join, they had better be strong, funny and awesome. And though Hancock fulfils these requirements, I still don't think that she should شامل میں the Straw Hats.

Please, don't misunderstand. I absolutely LOVE her character! She is funny and strong and awesome, just like I said, but her joining would...
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posted by nevenkastar
Do I like him یا not? These words happen to fill in many people's head telling if they actually are falling for the ones they think a couple of idiots. To Nami, it's been very hard for her. A thief, navigator and of course a pirate hater who happens to be a pirate after all. For Nami love has never been easier for her. She has been thinking if she likes the retarded and stupid captain, Monkey D. Luffy. Well sure he saved her many times but does she actually like him? یا will he likes her back. Now this is their story, on how the smart navigator got together with the stupid but nice captain....
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As is کہا in the title, this مضمون will be talking about chapter #825, and while there won't necessarily be spoilers, I will be talking about a single panel in the chapter, so procede at your own discretion.

The theory that Lola is Big Mom's daughter has been around for a long freaking time. As soon as Lola کہا that she had a Mom who was a pirate in the new world, it seemed that everyone automatically jumped to the conclusion that her mom must be the most powerful woman in the ocean: Big Mom.

I thought that the idea was plausible from the beginning, there are certainly similar characteristics...
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posted by Lulunopia
Oc's info

Name: Roanoa Mizu

Age: 14

Birthday: June 26th

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 128

Hair: Waist length green hair usually in a ponytail, with black dog ears on top.

Eyes: Brown, change with devil fruit.

Body type: Shorter than most her age, slim, muscular, black dog tail, with a small chest.

Clothes: Black hoodie over white tank-top with bleeding دل design. Dark blue shorts with black بیلٹ, پٹی with a sword on the right hip and twin daggers strapped to the back. Dark blue gloves with white straps.

Devil Fruit: Kemono - Kemono Fruit (Beast-Beast fruit). Allows her to change into any animal and can swim for...
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posted by joshv009
ارے i Have an interesting theory Haven't آپ wondered who luffy's mother is یا maybe Grandmother.

Okay There is this one lady who i think is related to Luffy Maybe his mother یا maybe his grand mother.

If آپ have seen all the episodes so far then آپ know this character.

If آپ know that lady in ایمیزون lily.
The former Queen. The old lady. I believe she is the possible mother یا grandmother of luffy!

Don't worry I do have reason.
If آپ remember she کہا she had once run away with the person she loved and thus survived her illness which was Love.
And for anyone to reach ایمیزون lily they would have to be pretty tough.
And the marines can reach there so Monkey D. Gramps could have Gone there and he is Quite Tough.
They Still Haven't Shown Who Luffy's Grandmother Is.
And the former Queen Of ایمیزون lily Does seem like a liable option.

Tell Me What آپ Guy's Think!
The night was still young and little sounds of موسیقی were going around in town. The club was at it again, making young teenagers dance their souls out of their bodies. The موسیقی was loud and light shone and flashed everywhere. People were talking and laughing; fighting and cuddling; drinking and eating. Some people visited the famous club مزید often and even people from other countries went to the club.

A group of men went to the club مزید often. They really liked the club and the music. There were some nice people and there never were problems. The group of men stood in the line to enter the...
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"Devil Fruit" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an مضمون of interest.

Devil Fruits are mystical fruits found in the world that can give the eater many different and varying kinds of strange and interesting abilities, depending on the type and variation of the fruit itself.

There are some seen only in the عملی حکمت and different ones seen only in the manga. However, most of them appear in both and are crucial in the storyline where many main characters possess their powers.

According to Oda, a "certain professor" will explain the complex mechanisms behind all of the Devil Fruits in the...
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Durning the incident in punk hazard, Law took ceassar as a captive to made Doflamingo resign his عنوان as a Shichibukai.
After Doflamingo resigned being a Shichikai Akainu states in the marines meeting the current Shichibukai: Mihawk, Buggy, Hancock, Kuma, law, Doflamingo and some unknown new one. Who do آپ think that is?

My opinion is that Jewerly Bonney is the new Shichibukai since she was captured before the time skip and now seem to be realesed. Also I have a feeling that she is the doughter of big mom but that is just a hunch.
posted by blackpanther666
[His Dream Is To Be Yonkou! Meet Monkey D. Ace]

The young man with dark hair laughed handsomely, it was simply not his lucky day, but for a carefree guy like him, nothing seemed to worry him. Just like his father. He clung to the side of the boat, knowing that he would be dead if he fell into the sea. Like his father, he had consumed a Devil's fruit at a young age. However, his father had been proud of him, not angry. According to his father, Shanks had been furious when he found out that Luffy had eaten the Gomu Gomu No Mi. However, Ace's fruit was much different to his father's. His fruit...
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Nami sat in a small clearing in the forest facing the sea. Keeping a پھول in her lap as she thought out loud: "Does he like me? I like him... does he know I like him?". Idly she tugged single leaves of the flower, one at a time as she pondered her time away, as the sun slowly sank into the ocean Nami decided she'd have to go back to the ship, رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا would soon be ready after all, and she didn't want to keep him waiting, as she knew the chef wouldn't let anyone touch the food until she was back, unless it was Robin of course, she chuckled silently at the thought of the chef swooning over Robin...
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 Water 7 Garp appears
Water 7 Garp appears
I was thinking about it and is it really luffy's fault he is آپ know .... the way he is. Just think about it for a second...

he grew up with shanks ( his hero) and his crew and piarates love to have partys and drinking... not the ideal envorment for a kid.. ( but thank آپ shanks for giving Luffy his dream!)

About Garp... throwing your grandchild into bottomless pits and jungles in the middle of the night isnt what i call a "stable" envorment" Garp was training Luffy and Ace (maybe sabo but probably not) how to marines kinda turned into 'piratate' training. For example Garp had a flash back...
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Have آپ ever noticed that most of the Straw Hats don't have parents??? If آپ have; good for you. If آپ haven't; آپ should pay مزید attention. Most of the Straw Hats, we never meet their real parents... Some of them, we have a gist of who they are/were. Some, we know one parent, یا an adoptive parent. Others, a blank. We know their past, but not their parents. And that's what I'm inquiring about... Let's start off with Luffy...

What do we know about Luffy's past??? A whole lot مزید than most of the other Straw Hat's, I'll tell آپ that. We know who his Grandfather is, we know who his...
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Haki (覇気 Haki?, literally meaning "Ambition") is a mysterious power that is found in every living being in the world. It is not that different from the normal senses. However, most people do not notice it یا fail to awaken it. Broadly, there are two types of Haki common to everyone, دیا the proper training; however, there is a third type that only a certain group of "chosen ones" are کہا to possess.In simple terms, Haki is an ability to sense spiritual energy and overpower enemies.

Haki, unnamed at the time, was first seen when Shanks used it against the Lord of the Coast to save Luffy...
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posted by blacklist21
MAKINO is mother of luffy
Makino is a young woman with black hair (dark green in the anime) that goes up to just above her shoulders. When she was first introduced, ten years before the current storyline, she wore a yellow kerchief, an مالٹا, نارنگی بلاؤز, کمری with black sleeves and a long light blue سکرٹ, گھیرنا and مالٹا, نارنگی sneakers with white soles. Although her clothing changes with her appearances, they are usually similar to the ones she was introduced with. سے طرف کی the time she met Ace, she wore a white بلاؤز, کمری with no sleeves, and underneath it a pink-striped shirt.
Twenty two years ago, her appearance was the same as it is now except her bandana around her head was yellow and covered her forehead more.
posted by Fitch
*May contain spoilers

Current Shichibukai Members

Dracule "Hawk-Eyes" Mihawk
Former Bounty: Unknown
Age: 43
Birthday: March 9
Height: 6'6"

Bartholomew Kuma
Former Bounty: 296,000,000 beli
Age: 47
Birthday: February 9
Height: 22'6"
Devil Fruit: Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Paw-Paw Fruit)

Boa Hancock
Former Bounty: 80,000,000 beli
Age: 31
Birthday: September 2
Height: 6'3¼"
Devil Fruit: Mero Mero no Mi (Love-Love Fruit)

Former Bounty: 15,000,000 beli
Age: Unknown
Birthday: August 8
Height: Unknown
Devil Fruit: Bara Bara no Mi (Chop-Chop Fruit)

Edward Weevil
Former Bounty: 480,000,000 beli
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posted by Lulunopia
Zoro - 18 Mizu - 14

Mizu's POV

I sat there watching my brother my brother talking to a boy in a straw hat. I couldn't hear them from the distance

I'm at but, I know Nii-san was asking to be untied. He's been tied up for 9 days with no food. I'm worried he's going to die from hunger but, then again we have gone a bit longer with no food so I'm sure he's fine. I hope. I watched a little girl climb up a latter اگلے to straw hat and pinky. She hopped over the دیوار and held out some چاول ball. She was wherein a huge small that it made me smile. She's so cute!

Seeing Helmeppo in the distance in jumped...
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posted by shockdrop
Make a devill fruit thats interesting and creative and strong.i know this has been گیا کیا پوسٹ before but its fun seeing peoples ideas
Write its name, class,abilities,what it looks like, strengths weaknesses. And if u want describe its user.
Ex. god god fruit (model Titan)

Class: mythical zoan.

Looks like an سیب, ایپل kiwi.

It will allow u to supersize to the size of hardjun the giant and expand to make it larger. It can partially expand body parts to.
Hybrid form will کوٹ u in red energy and give u super strength and let u fly and its invincible armore is up pierce able for guns swords and other...
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Just a warning, this مضمون DOES contain spoilers, so unless you're okay with that یا fully caught up, then steer clear of this article.

Four years پہلے I wrote an مضمون titled: "Parents Anonymous - Who Are They???". Link: link
(Although it isn't necessary to read it as I will be talking about everything it says in this article).

In this مضمون I go though all of the Straw Hats and gave a few theories for some of them as to who I thought their families were, and pointed out the fact that for most of the Straw Hats, we don't actually know their biological families at all.

On this مضمون I...
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