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okay... i have time on my hands >_< i type in "penguins of madagascar lady gaga" and i get this odd video!!!! O_O even though i did laugh '.' (i have ahsamed myself.. *runs*)
penguins of madagascar
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Another clip of Madagascar 3 Sorry, it's in French, but it's still so funny XD
king julien
madagascar 3
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This is a poem I've wrote about my lovely wife..Please enjoy.. =),3

There she was,
As lovely as can be..
An angel from the sky,
There in front of me..
Feathers as soft as silk,
And eyes of piercing blue..
A soul beautiful inside and out,
Deep love for her I grew..
Into my flippers we embrace,
A kiss I lay upon her beak..
My soul mate full of elegant grace,
A returned kiss upon my cheek..
My love for her is like no other..
A vision of beauty just for me,
Never will I lay my eyes upon another,
My lovely lady as can be..
Not even a Light سال could I explain..
Breath taken directly from my soul,
This feeling launched deep into my brain,
Old together we will grow..
Sweet rose petals I lay down as she walks..
Her smile she gives towards me,
Beautiful emotion, the way she talks,
Side سے طرف کی side we may be..
Here she stands in front of me,
With eyes of piercing blue..
Deep love for her I grew,
My lovely lady as can be...
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