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 Sad Poem
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broken دل
posted by hetaliaitaly
Everyone always tells me its the last time
But then why am i still here to be the one who is constantly crying
Im done with fake smiling
Im done with the crying
Im done with the lying
Because right now im the one that is dying
It's selfish for them to want me to stay
But is it not selfish to take my own life away?
No its not fair but nothing in life ever is
Everyday i cheat death is the دن i took a dare
I keep up my strength not only for me
I keep up that smile because i want them to be happy
I feel the blood sinking in as a i put preasure on my life
Im just not a person who would take happiness...
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posted by canal
its hard to see آپ walk away
when i know آپ mad at me
you run further and further every day
can i say im sorry

Make a fool out of my self just for your attention
but can آپ really ever believe me
i was a fool and can i say im sorry
just stay with me and آپ can see

always saying stuff we never that was never true
but i took your دل and crushed it
and can i say i miss you
but will آپ ever believe me

i try and help you
but آپ just walk away
when i say im sorry آپ dont believe its true
can i just ge آپ to stay

i never meant to hurt your feelings
same old sayings all the time
wish آپ good luck with your...
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posted by KitKitty12
My soul is fild with sadness.
My dad is dead.
My mom is in prison.
and me,siting alone
in the darkness.
so don't even bother with me.
I cry in the dark سے طرف کی my brother.
He says will mom ever come back.
i کہا no she'll never forgive us.
my brother's eyes fill with tears
my life is now useless for all i know
i sit there sighing and breathing heavily
as the smoke of the city streets fills my lungs
i soon become weak
i lay on the stine cold gravel
some say im dying
and others say i was supposed to die
posted by sickoftrying
where does the life start
and the hoplesness end?
where do the fun times
dissapear to?
why can't i look into your eyes
and see your happiness?
why do آپ have to steal mine?
the answer to these سوالات are simple
آپ have no love for me
yet آپ lead me on,
pretend آپ do
آپ want me i know,
but for what?
the happiness
i can not see in your eyes
is not because its not there
but because آپ suck mine away.
آپ leave my eyes dull and empty
shadows of what i once was
the person i long to be now
one of the loved
posted by Akiko_the_Cagon
Life can be miserable, cruel and worthless,
It can be the thing آپ dread the most,
Life can be happy,
It can be what آپ look آگے to,
Life can be carefree,

Life is what آپ make it.
Life is a portrait not done yet,
Life gives آپ the paint, your emotions, sanity
The portrait may have it's bad spots,
It may be blurry, and not understandable,
But in the end,
Life will make sense.
And the ones آپ left behind will see your work of Art,
And not judge who آپ are.


This is what I think, its not valid fact I believe. But the mind is the center of both your pains and joys, right? Well, this is supposto help.
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posted by katsopoliswife1
The trees always seemed to shake.
And the pretty still calm lake.
The calm wind blowing in my face.
Oh, look two young deer having a race.
Look at those bees in a beehive up in that tree.
While a تیتلی perches on my knee.
The sweet smell of dozens of fresh flowers.
A beautiful rose!
And a small blue bird.
There it goes.
As I hum, the mockingjay is my echo.
Oh no it’s ALMOST time to go.
The گھاس is as green and fresh as lime.
As I look at my watch wondering if it’s time to go.
Sadly, yes it’s time.
As I watch from a distance a برداشت, ریچھ behind a درخت scratching it’s back.
Uh-oh I think it’s going to attack!
I go run away.
Hoping I can come back another day.
The forest is sometimes dangerous, but it’s beautiful, calm, and quiet.
But I wish I didn't have to say goodbye this way. :(
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" This poem is opposite to my mood as I am very happy in my life but I write this poem for the one who are not happy"

This world doesn't seem of mine
and I don't belong to this
I feel the darkness in the place
the place which seems bright to them
These people are not mine
but other recognized me with their names
I am feeling miserable,horrible,terrible here
But they are feeling magical,beautiful,peaceful here
I don't resemble to them in any way
I don't belong to them in any way
Here I am living the life that I never wanted to live
here they are living a life , filling their desires things.
This world doesn't seem of mine
and I don't belong to this