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ارے there little hater named Spike Lee!

How about آپ read this and mayhaps…just mayhaps, you’ll learn something new. You’re a vile beast whose دل is filled with envy and jealousy and so much animosity that آپ spend your days and nights and the little intelligence آپ have left wishing ill-will upon my beloved talented Quentin Tarantino. The truth is, آپ envy him. آپ wish آپ could at least be a quarter of a genius like him and آپ are blinded سے طرف کی so much animosity within your maudlin being that آپ accuse him of racism and what not, whereas the reality is, dear Spike Lee, the racist here is you. Watch Django Unchained and maybe you’ll learn something new. She’s Gotta Have It just doesn’t do it.

P.S. Quentin Tarantino depicts African Americans as HEROES. In case آپ didn’t know that…. JAMIE FOXX WINS! DUHH!!

P.S. Spike Lee Don’t Spite me!

Z. (www.zenanyxon.com
posted by Pendulum711
I've always been blown away سے طرف کی the intrinsic uniqueness of so many of QT's موسیقی choices in his movies, always bringing at least one song to every movie thats like a diamond in the rough that's slipped سے طرف کی the nets of mainstream commercialism, I stumbled across this track on youtube and in my opinion, it fits this very category as worthy of a future Tarantino movie, i hope this suggestion makes it to the discretion of your attention.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> artist\title --- Johnny Clarke - Hold on extended with the baddest version - attack records bunny lee reggae