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posted by RoseWazlib
The distant sound of Meerkat Manor drifted through the house wafting in and out of rooms until it finally reached Simon who sat on the bedroom windowsill سے طرف کی himself. He was thinking of Jeanette, Her persona, Her intelligence, Her sparkling eyes... He broke off from his thoughts suddenly, for there was a shadow سے طرف کی the open door. It's Alvin, His going to make me go out there... Simon thought sadly. Since they returned from the موسیقی awards Simon had spent a lot of his time away from the others. He had simply told them he wanted to go through the rest of the spider's poisonous affects سے طرف کی himself...
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posted by Phantanos
We saw them meet, become rivals, friends,school mates, and dance partners. They had a world-wide Adventure. Then in 1990 they finally Kissed! Sadly none of us got to see it happen. A sporting event and the cancelation of the series. Would stop it's release! Now in 2011.. Chipwrecked. Rumors are circulating that Simon & Jeanette will finally lock lips!
Our پسندیدہ nerd pair have suffered their older siblings rants,crazy ideas, and misadventures. Though things got tight, when Dave had to take the girls in his care. Eventually his family friend, Miss Miller would adopt them.

In: The Squeakquel, the two weren't دیا a moment alone. While Alvin & Brittany had a scene. Then Theodore & Eleanor really hit it off! Yet شائقین were disappointed at Simon & Jeanette's absence. Whether the rumors are true یا not. شائقین will be watching!