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posted by laylafly
✪ Jeff used to be a گٹار teacher.

✪ Pierre was throwing up in the bathroom just before the video shoot for "I'm Just A Kid".

✪ David likes skating.

✪ The band often wear clothes with "Role Rodel" on them. This is because the webmaster of the official site, Patrick, created the logo. Patrick tours with the band and appears in their videos.

✪ For some reason, Jeff likes to eat ھٹی, ترش peaches!

✪ David used to work at McDonalds restaurant.

✪ On November 29th, 2002, Simple Plan's tour bus crashed on the way to Chicago, luckily, the band were alright, and didn't suffer any serious injuries....
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posted by crazyfanatic
jigsawwolf is responsible for figuring out the lyrics ;))

We've been wasting this time
Trying to play it محفوظ
And try to cover up what
Our hearts want to say
We've been hiding these words
We don't have to anymore
Cause we are standing still
Tell me what we are waiting for

If آپ are in I'm in
If آپ are down I'm down
Do آپ want this too
Cause i need it now
If آپ say the word
I'll erase your doubts
İ can دکھائیں you, I can دکھائیں آپ
That we don't have to be careful
That my cards are on the میز, جدول
If آپ are in I'm in
If آپ are down I'm down
Lets do this, lets do this right now

I don't let you...
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 The Album Cover
The Album Cover
All Lyrics from album 'Get Your دل On!', all tracks lyrics
Lyrics from link

"You Suck At Love"

We started off incredible
Connection undeniable
I swear I thought آپ were the one forever
But your love was like a loaded gun
You shot me down like everyone
'Cause everyone's replaceable
When you're just so incapable
Of getting past skin...
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posted by MISAforever
آپ Suck At Love (by Simple Plan)

We started off incredible
Connection undeniable
I swear I thought آپ were the one forever
But your love was like a loaded gun
You shot me down like everyone
Cause everyone’s replaceable
When you’re just so incapable
Of getting past skin deep

Guess what, another game over
I got burned but you’re the real loser I don’t know why I’ve wasted my time with you
You’re bad news, a history repeater آپ can’t trust a serial cheater
You’re good at hooking up but آپ suck at love

You played me like an amateur
then stabbed me like a murderer
I’m left for dead,...
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Oh oh oh let’s go
My Fender strat sits all alone
Collecting dust in the corner
I haven’t called any of my friends
I’ve been MIA since last December
My blackberry’s filled up with E-mail
My phone calls goes straight through to voicemail

Cuz on the street, یا under the covers
We are stuck like two pieces of velcro
At the park, in the back of my car
It doesn’t matter what I do,
No, I can’t keep my hands off you
(can’t keep my, can’t keep my)
Can’t keep my hands off you
(can’t keep my, can’t keep my)

There’s fungus growing in the icebox
All I got left are Fruit Roll-Ups
My clothes are six...
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posted by pii771994
What time is it where آپ are?
I miss آپ مزید than anything
Back at ہوم آپ feel so far
Waitin for the phone to ring
It’s gettin lonely livin upside down
I don’t even wanna be in this town
Tryin to figure out the time zones makin me crazy

آپ say good morning
When it’s midnight
Going out of my head
Alone in this بستر
I wake up to your sunset
It’s drivin me mad
I miss آپ so bad
and my دل دل دل is so jetlagged

What time is it where آپ are?
5 مزید days and i’ll be ہوم
I keep your picture in my car
I hate the thought of آپ alone

I’ve been keepin busy all time
Just to try to keep آپ off my mind
Tryin to figure out the time zones makin me crazy
I miss آپ so bad
I wanna share your horizon
and see the same sunrising
Turn the گھنٹہ hand back to when آپ were holding me.
posted by MISAforever
آپ are obsessed if…
1. Your teacher knows the name of your favourite member..

2. Your دوستوں call آپ “SP’s girl”.

3. Time for learning changes to the time for singing SP songs.

4. Your parents are worried.

5. When آپ meet a sexy boy/girl, they will be gone in a سیکنڈ if they insult SP.

6. You’d give up a سال of your life just to go on tour with them.

7. آپ sit and look into the eyes of Pierre, David, Seb, Chuck and Jeff and آپ look so long, untill آپ loose the focus.

8. Your hobbies are Simple Plan.

9. You’d risk your life, if you’d have to face anybody, who’d say anything...
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posted by angy7sdg
We are very proud to present to آپ our video for "Save You". What originally inspired this song was Pierre's brother's battle with cancer. About 3 years ago, جے was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphatic cancer. After 2 years of extremely difficult chemotherapy treatments, he learned that the cancer was gone for now and that he was in remission. After being told he had a 50-50 chance to come out of this alive, he had won his battle.

Because this happened to someone so close to us, we felt that, as a band, we had to do something to help. We had to get involved and use our voice to make a difference...
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posted by ThePansyLady
I love how people have been adding ویڈیوز to this spot. It's really great that SP شائقین are looking for new things to add to make this spot great. But there is just one thing that has been getting on my nerves lately, people adding ویڈیوز that are already up on the spot.

I know that it's a long and tedious task to look through all the تصاویر and videos, but I think that if آپ are going to post a video یا anything of that nature that آپ check to see if another پرستار has already added it to the spot. I've noticed recently that there are several duplicates of ویڈیوز that were originally گیا کیا پوسٹ سے طرف کی three major contributers to this spot, Sazza, CharmedAngel88, and Fashion_life.

So please, for any user who plans on adding مزید ویڈیوز یا pictures to this spot, check to see if it's already been گیا کیا پوسٹ سے طرف کی another user. And if آپ notice that it's been put up please be curteous enough to take it down.