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For this one, look at the clothes. Prize for guessing who.
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"Hello! I'm your host Chris McLean.You have seen Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, Revenge Of The Island, and I bet your gonna watch Total Drama All- Stars. But now, were starting something new, called Total Drama Camp! So sit back, and enjoy, Total Drama CAMP! Speaking of camp, here comes our old & new campers now! Clover, nice outfit!" "Thanks...." "I know all of آپ remember Duncan!" "...." "O.k. then... Duncan go stand سے طرف کی Clover... Lindsay & Tyler, how are آپ guys!" "Hey I remember آپ somewhere... whats your name again?" "Lindsay, I'm Chris... McLean."...
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Evil...Oh well just watch I do not own this video,Total drama island, Heather,Teletoon Song:Temptation,Arash