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For this one, look at the clothes. Prize for guessing who.
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So Guys, This Has Yaoi, Some Duncney (As U Can Guess) Gwody Friendship And Some Others, Including Oc/Oc
DPOV (Duncan)
" So, I Hope U Like Ur New Classmates, And Ur Names R On Ur Seats. I Was اگلے To Courtney And Gwen. Greeat. " So Wheres The Teacher " Asked Bridgette " I Dunno, Makin Out With The Janitor Probably " کہا Roxas. There Was a Few Sniggers, Athena Burst Out Laughing " Sorry For The Wait" کہا The teacher, Wiping Of Some Lipstick. مزید Giggles Arose As He Buttoned Up His Shirt. " Mr.Manwhore, U Need Too Up Ur Fly ^.^ " کہا Athena Slyly " Manore, Anderson, Manore " "Manwhore :D " Sniggered Courtney, I Looked Over, Woah, Shes Really Sexy, I MEAN! No Duncan NO..... Yes Duncan YES! Im SO STUPID I LOVED COURTNEY AND THEN I BROKE HER دل WITH MY STUPIDITY!!
>.< IM SO STUPID!! But I Cant Just Take Her Back...... یا MAYBE I CAN ^.^ No .....
YEP! No..... ARGH
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its not about you.
the porpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment,your peace of mind,or even your happines. It`s far greater than your family,your career,or even your wildest dreams and ambitions. If آپ want to know why آپ were placed on this planet, آپ must begin with God.
You were born سے طرف کی his purpose and for his purpose.

The تلاش for the purpose of life has puzzled people for thousand of years. That`s because we typically begin at the wrong starting point-ourselves. we ask self-center سوالات like What do i want to be?What should I do with my life?What are...
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