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  • Female, 33 years old
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Favorite Movie: Almost Famous
    Favorite Musician: Jeff Buckley and BellX1
    Favorite Book or Author: The Harry Potter Series and High Fidelity
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big smile
karolinak1999 کہا …
Hi could آپ please شامل میں my clubs!!!!!!!
I'll give آپ 5 سہارا for each club you've joined just write joined on it's wal so I'll know!!!

link گیا کیا پوسٹ پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
jrnyfreak کہا …
I noticed آپ liked the Frames, so i head to your homepage, and see we've got like 15 کلب in common! THE FRAMES ARE THE BEST!! I liked how آپ knew Say It To Me Now was an old Frames song, off Fitzcarraldo. And آپ like Jeff Buckley, کرن, رے LaMontagne, Radiohead, David Bowie, GEEZ! All literally among my پسندیدہ bands of all time. Nice to see someone has such excellent taste! x) گیا کیا پوسٹ پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
teddybear64 دیا سہارا لئے میرے my pop quiz questions
Hi , How are آپ ? گیا کیا پوسٹ پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
aEisHiteRu شدہ تبصرہ…
im ok how about you? پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک