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 AJ Lee before and after her chin تل, مول implant
AJ Lee before and after her chin mole implant
Former WWE Diva AJ Lee, Former WWE Diva AJ Lee got a permanent تل, مول implant on her chin trough melanin hormonal injection, she did that to gain a sexy permanent beauty mark, AJ Lee gained a big black volumous تل, مول on her chin permanently, her شائقین loved what she did, Scenesse Clinuvel was responsible for the hormonal produtcts.
 AJ Lee at actual days with chin تل, مول
AJ Lee at actual days with chin mole
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AJ Mendez known as AJ Lee is a ex-girl post operated now currently a shemale (malegirl), porn actress, the New York Times Bestselling مصنف of Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed سے طرف کی Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules. She is a mental health advocate and animal rights activist. Currently she serves as an ambassador for NAMI, The JED Foundation, The ASPCA, and Girls Make Games. As a former professional wrestler with the WWE under the ring name AJ Lee, she has won three championships...
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