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Alex Pettyfer Interview - STORMBREAKER

Meet the real Alex Rider - Stormbreaker سٹار, ستارہ Alex Pettyfer!

Q. What was مزید difficult – performing the stunts یا learning your lines?

I loved doing all my stunts, so I'd have to say that learning lines. Stunts are fun!

Q. Did آپ get to film in any glamorous locations?

I filmed on سب, سب سے اوپر of a سکائی سکریپر, بلند ترین عمارات in the middle of London at sunset. The view was stunning.

Q. Can آپ really do karate?

Yes. I learned kung fu while preparing for filming with a stunt co-ordinator.

Q. How did آپ feel on your first دن on the job?

Quite nervous, because I knew that everything...
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Alex Pettyfer talks to us about making I Am Number Four and the pressures of being a leading man in a big Hollywood blockbuster at the age of 20. He also discusses working with Glee's Dianna Agron, and why he intends to remain out of the media glare so he can continue to perfect his craft as an actor.

What was the initial appeal of I Am Number Four?

Alex Pettyfer: I think the biggest appeal was [my character] John. He was this dynamic character who had so many layers to him. I loved the fact that he starts off as this insecure man and then becomes this warrior. I love that transition that he...
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Interview: Beastly's Alex Pettyfer And Vanessa Hudgens

Author: Eric Eisenberg

There’s a reason why Beauty and the Beast is such a timeless story. It’s message about inner-beauty and looking beyond vanity is something that can and will always be applicable to our society. Any where on Earth is that story better suited than in a high school?

Daniel Barnz’s Beastly takes the traditional story and moves it to modern دن New York where a vain, pompous rich kid, played سے طرف کی Alex Pettyfer, is turned into a ghastly looking figure. In order to ever change back, he must get somebody to love him for...
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