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As Aliya took her shower, her brother Al was putting on some clothes and tidying up the room. Al decided to take a peek at his sister. He walked into the bathroom and locked the door.
“Al…?” کہا Aliya
“Hmmm?” کہا Al     
“What are آپ doing in the bathroom?” asked Aliya
“I….just sort of had an idea I wanted to do with you.” کہا Al, staring to take off his clothes
“Which is?” asked Aliya
“This…” کہا Al, as he took off his last piece of clothing and went inside the شاور with his sister
“A-al what are-“ started Aliya as she was cut off سے طرف کی her...
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*Aliya’s POV*

He thrust into me once again and I screamed with pleasure. Of course, I don’t know why I even allowed him to do this to me. His own sister?
“Ahhh…” I moaned
He had started to lick on my nipples….wait, make that suck on them. He was massaging one of my breast…I don’t know why, it was wrong, but felt so good. Again, he thrust into me, this time, he started to kiss and bite a bit at my neck.
I felt totally at disadvantage. Even if I was the older twin and most violent one, he is much stronger than me. I could say that this was my younger twin brother, raping me….but,...
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Aliya sat up and looked at the alarm clock, it was 6am. She looked over at her still sleeping brother, fondly remembering the events of the night before. Wait, what the fuck was she thinking? He’s her brother, her flesh and blood...and she liked it. Her brother, Al, woke up and smiled at her
“Good morning,” he whispered, causing Aliya to blush lightly
“Good morning, Al,” she replied, smiling a little
“I’m…sorry, I shouldn’t ha-“ Al started, but Aliya stopped him
“If I had minded…I’d have stopped آپ then and there,” she smiled “but…we need to keep this secret, we’re...
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A normal دن for the Kagamine twins, Aliya and Al. They were eating their پسندیدہ ice cream flavors, Aliya eating chocolate while her brother ate vanilla.
Al, of course, never told her, but he was in love with his twin. He did everything she asked for him to do, making sure he never failed her. He watched as his twin eats her ice cream happily.
“Yum!” کہا Aliya
“Hey sis, what do آپ want to do next?” asked Al
“I dunno, we should go home.” کہا Aliya, finishing her ice cream
Blushing, Al quickly turned his face around. He knew it was a sin, but he wanted to do it with his sister badly....
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(Honestly,I don't even know why I wrote this. =w=; Read if آپ want to,go on.I'm warning you,you may get scarred.)

*Al’s POV*

Since our birthday is in a few days, my sister and I decided to go out and get some clothes for that particular day. She was asking me which dress looked better on her. I think the گلابی one fits her very well, it makes her look all sexy and I could see her panties…it’s hard to believe, but I actually love my sister. Quite a lot, though I shouldn’t. She won’t even love me back in the same way since she’s in love with Oliver…that new Vocaloid.
“So Al…this...
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