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*Rated T for مزید mature content, some sexual references are mentioned, آپ are warned!*

Kate woke Humphrey at the crack of dawn as promised and then she fell back to sleep; the night had been full of mixed dreams and emotions about mating and she had not slept well.

Humphrey ate a quick breakfast and got everything he needed ready for the day's hunting lesson with Garth. He walked to the mouth of the cave where the golden hues of sun were beginning to glimmer on the rim of the eastern دیوار of the valley. He looked back at Kate peacefully sleeping, her eyes closed, her body moving with every...
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What an incredible night it was for the moonlight howl. The huge full moon lit up the night. Kate and Humphrey were on their way back to the den. Kate looked amazing, as usual, all spiffied up, just for her one true love....Humphrey! Humphrey really appreciated this. Kate always knew how to make him happy. He was the happiest omega بھیڑیا in the entire universe!

As the couple approached their beautiful ماند, خلوت خانہ Kate told Humphrey to go on in while she was "using the bathroom". So, he did. Humphrey went into the ماند, خلوت خانہ and sat down اگلے to the back wall, waiting for Kate to return. Meanwhile Kate was still...
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Chapter Two - Heartbreaking Past

Ok, the ووٹ are all in, and I don't usually do this, but I'm going to combine all of the choices. The ones that got the most ووٹ are A, B, and D while C got only 3 votes. This was my best story so far, and I love the idea I had for the story. So, without waiting, here is the اگلے chapter to A Lonely Omega.

Kate's POV

This past گھنٹہ had been a lot for me.

First, I fell into a mudslide and was rescued سے طرف کی a very shy Omega.

He fed me, and even cleaned my فر, سمور for me.

When I offered him the chance to شامل میں my pack, he refused because he was afraid of rejection, then...
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