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For the اگلے four months, Leyla and وائپر, واپار anxiously waited for any news about Humphrey. Then one دن in early spring, they finally got it. Humphrey was finally getting out of his cast and Leyla left to go and get him. When she got there, she almost didn’t recognize him. Because he had spent so much time completely immobilized, Humphrey was being wheeled around on a large, flat cart. His فر, سمور also hadn’t gotten much of a chance to grow back while he was in the cast, so Leyla could see his bare skin and most of his body was only covered in a very light کوٹ of fur. His head was the only thing...
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Eight years had passed since anyone had seen Viggo and while he was still on their minds, they weren’t as tense about it. One day, in late autumn, Humphrey was out wandering in the woods when he suddenly felt a sharp, stinging pain in his side that burned like fire. He collapsed to the ground, yelling in pain. When he looked at his side, he was surprised to see an arrow sticking out of it. He looked up and noticed Viggo not far away, grinning.

“Such a beautiful weapon isn’t it?” he کہا looking at his bow. “The deadliest things often are. Take your وائپر, واپار friend for example. Gorgeous...
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Humphrey and Leyla got off to a good restart and became the good دوستوں they had once been. While Humphrey spent a lot of time in the house, Leyla always left the back door open for him and sometimes he would venture out into the woods. Sometimes, he’d only be gone for a little while, others he’d be gone all day. But Leyla always trusted that he would come back, and he did, every time. Which is why when he didn’t one day, Leyla became worried.

It had been about two years since their encounter with Viggo. Life had carried on pretty easily. He never once showed up again after that. One...
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The two had just finished hunting a caribou and were busy eating when Humphrey suddenly felt a cold chill run down his spine. He suddenly felt the instinctual need to check his surroundings and he eventually spotted something deep in the trees that made his blood run cold.

“Joe,” he said, not taking his eye off of what he was looking at.

“What is-” Joe began but stopped when he saw the frightened look on Humphrey’s face.

“Look,” Humphrey said.

Joe followed his gaze and soon he froze in fear too.

Deep in the trees, looking directly at them was the man from the zoo. He looked even more...
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(Note: Before we get started, I need to say that right now, we're in the middle of switching out computers so I can't guarantee a new chapter every day.)

Part 1: The Beginning of the End
Chapter 1: Humphrey's Return

No one could believe what they were seeing. Everyone stared in disbelief as Humphrey stood before them. It wasn’t possible. Humphrey was dead. He had been for seventeen years. But there he was, right before their eyes. And Stinky’s nose never lied.

However, it didn’t look like the Humphrey they remembered. He had multiple scars all over his body, all from چھری wounds. On his...
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About a week later Kate and Humphrey went on a date, they went and watch bad teacher on the way ہوم the were pissed.
Humphrey: man that movie sucked
(kate in a sexy vocie)...
Kate: i know right, but i have other plans when we get home.
Humphrey: whats that?
(Kate chuckled)
Kate: youll see.
They where listen to testament when they speeded past a cop.
Kate: ah shit.
Humphrey: im not pulling over.
the chace went on until they got home.
When they got inside, kate ran upstaris.
Humphrey: what the hell is she doing.
he went in their room to find kate stripping.
Kate: humphrey, can آپ crawl into بستر and lay on...
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Kate and Lilly are college roommates who go exploring in an uncharted cave on the beach. But to their surprise, the tide begins to come in and they get lost. They have to think Quick in order to escape cause the water is rising....

"So Kate who told آپ about this cave?" Lilly said, following her roommate/sister. Kate, who was a Junior, grinned. "My friend who explores caves all the time, Scar remember?" Kate said. She wore a sports bra and a short sleeve t-shirt with skinny, tight jeans. "Kate, don't آپ wonder if guys stare at your پچھواڑے, گدا all the time?" Lilly said. "Hell, I want guys to stare...
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 Kate is really excited about getting ready to mate with Humphrey!
Kate is really excited about getting ready to mate with Humphrey!
*Rated T13+ for sexual content, this gets a little into detail but آپ have been warned! This is purely the figment of my imagination! This is how wolves mate in the wild! Once again آپ are warned!*

Since Kate had awaken from her long nap she had been busy preparing the cave for Humphrey's arrival home. She knew he would be ready this time and she was determined to make the place look absolutely perfect and nice. This way they could reflect back on the very first time they mated and remember how wonderful it was. The caribou carcass was out of place; she moved it to a further side of the cave...
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ارے guys, its me alphawolf4141, I forgot my last account so now I can give آپ a sneek peek on the part 3 of the story...

Lily POV: I wanted to tell runt but I can't let Garth know. So, I talked to runt and told him I was pregnant. He did not take it well.

Runt POV: my aunt is pregnant with my child!? What's Garth going to say when he finds out I've been Banging his wife!? I told lily that its Garth's child and Everything will be alright. Then, Garth returned and heard about lily and was excited. Even though I'm the pup's father.